Young Sheldon season 5 release time: What time will the new series air?

Young Sheldon: Sheldon says he 'loves his dad'

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Young Sheldon season five is coming to CBS very soon, with the premiere arriving on October 7. The Big Bang Theory prequel continues to follow Sheldon Cooper (played by Iain Armitage) and the family dilemmas he finds himself in. has all you need to know about what time the new series will arrive.

What time is Young Sheldon season 5 out?

In March 2021, fans were given a real treat as the sitcom was renewed for three more seasons, bringing the series up to seven instalments in total.

The fifth season will be airing weekly on Thursday evenings on CBS, at a time of 8pm ET and 7pm CT.

This is only for fans in the US, as UK audiences will have to watch the weekly episodes via E4.

At this moment in time, it has not been decided how many episodes will form the fifth season.

A teaser video has been released and it shows Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry) visiting her husband George (Lance Barber) in hospital.

She brings along Brenda Sparks (Melissa Peterman) with whom he is likely to have an affair in the upcoming season.

Brenda is recently separated and the season four finale saw George get into an argument with his own wife.

He was at a bar when Brenda approached him and the pair got talking, and fans believe this season will mark his fall from grace.

The premiere will pick up directly after the events of season four, as co-creator Steve Molaro told TVLine.

He added: “George and Brenda are still at the bar, and we will learn exactly what transpired between them that night.”

The premiere episode is titled One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires, suggesting something may have happened between the pair.

George is seen grabbing his chest and he appears to be having another heart attack.

When he wakes up in hospital, Brenda has come to visit him and he does not look entirely pleased to see her.

Molaro said he was determined to tell the story of Sheldon’s dad in an unexpected way.

With this in mind, George’s infidelity may not go down the way fans initially predicted.

Big Bang Theory fans will know Sheldon was scarred for life after walking in on his dad sleeping with another woman.

This is the reason why he always knocks three times before entering a room.

Sheldon, now approaching his teenage years, will be feeling all sorts of emotions in the upcoming season.

If he ends up finding out what his dad has been up to, it could mark the start of his challenging adulthood.

Fans have taken to the teaser comments to share their thoughts on the upcoming premiere episode.

BigNick3012 said: “The origin of three knocks is coming. Also I feel this show’s final episode should be Sheldon renting the apartment and Leonard meeting him.”

Jerome Ferns said: “This is finally going to happen, where young Sheldon caught his father with another woman.”

StillJustDreaming added: “Still hoping Sheldon misunderstood and his dad didn’t really cheat.

“I like George in Young Sheldon and have a hard time seeing this happening, though they seem to be trying to build up how unhappy he is lately.”

Fans will have to wait and see whether George really does pursue Brenda this series.

Young Sheldon season 5 premieres on CBS on October 7 at 8pm ET and 7pm CT.

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