Yewande Biala says Love Island should use ‘more black producers’

Yewande Biala has spoke out about diversity, suggesting that Love Island could do with a few more "black producers".

The 26-year-old previously appeared on the ITV programme in 2019 and was therefore full of sympathy for new contestant Kaz Kamwi who wasn't picked by any of the boys on the opening show.

Speaking about her own experiences after she'd found herself in same position as Kaz two years ago, Yewande expressed how "hard" it had been to watch the same scenario play out again.

During the candid interview she highlighted that Love Island was a reflection on today's society and that she felt black women were never really seen or admired by any race.

Raising the important issues, she spoke to Will Njobvu on Capital Xtra.

The conversation was sparked after Yewande had said Kaz was her favourite on the love finding programme.

Will added: "First show, she was picked last, she wasn't even picked, was she?"

In response she agreed: "She wasn't picked, she wasn't picked at all and it was really sad to see, because obviously I was in that position two years ago, and watching it again, it was hard, and I was kind of praying for a different outcome for Kaz."

She went on: "But I think what a lot of people don't realise about Love Island, like I always say, is that it's a mirror image of society we live in now where black women are never really seen or admired by black men or by any kind of race, we’re always pushed to the side-line and I feel like it's obviously highlighted on a show like Love Island where there's only 12 or 10 contestants and one of them is black, and it kind of shows the society we live in at the moment, but I suppose it is sad, but hopefully we can change these narratives."

Yewande went on to explain that she had been left in the exact same position as Kaz and how uncanny it was to witness the same scenario play out again.

"I felt like I was watching myself and I just know exactly how she feels in that moment in time because it is really hard standing there and being rejected," she said.

Will urged Yewande for her thoughts on how to fix the situation, he asked: "So what needs to be done then, does Love Island need to be casting more men who are genuinely into Black women?"

In response, she said: "Yeah that would be a start, that would definitely be a start, casting more diverse contestants would also help, casting contestants who are into dating Black women would help as well, and maybe it's hiring more Black producers who can cast these contestants would probably help as well."

Daily Star has contacted ITV for further comment.

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