‘Won’t be selling’ Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell family heirloom after valuation

Antiques Roadshow: Expert values ‘fantastic’ shield

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On Sunday night’s Antiques Roadshow, BBC presenter Fiona Bruce took viewers to Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland. A number of treasured items caught the eye of the experts, including a rare Rolex wristwatch from the 1980s, a terrifying bird sculpture and an army tank mask. However, it was a shield that grabbed the attention of Ronnie Archer-Morgan.

The expert began by telling the guest he had a very similar shield to the one she’d brought along to the show.

“It hung on the back of my study door for many, many years,” he explained.

“This is a bit of a DeJa’Vu moment for me and how did you require it.”

The guest told Ronnie that her late uncle, who was 21 when he bought the shield, passed it down to her.

“When he was 21, he emigrated to South Africa,” the guest explained. “He spent three years travelling up Africa and he bought it when he was there.

“It was about 1963 or 1962.”

Speaking about where the item originated from, Ronnie said: “It’s from Northern Tanzania into Kenya from the Maasai people.

“They have a reputation for being fearsome warriors, they’re pastoral people really and they grace herds of cattle.”

“Cattle is their wealth,” he added. “So, in order to protect their grazing herds and to fight off rustlers, they used shields and spears.

“It’s a very nice example, I love this panel down the middle there. The black diamonds on the white background.

“Shields like this are collected before of that look.”

Discussing how much the shield could fetch at auction, Ronnie told the guest: “At auction, they would be happy to pay between £800 and £1200.”

Taken aback by the valuation, the guest went on to admit she would never sell the shield.

“Brilliant, thank you,” she said. “I won’t be selling it.”

“No, it is part of your heritage,” the expert agreed before the guest added: “Absolutely, yeah.”

Another guest that featured on Sunday’s Antiques Roadshow also told expert Alastair Chandler that he would never sell his beloved watch.

The guest was passed down the gold Rolex watch by his late father.

“He passed away in the late 80s and the watch was passed down to myself,” the guest explained.

Alastair left the guest stunned when he told him if he decided to sell it at auction, it would be sold for up to £15,000.

The guest went on to tell him: “Wow, very good. I am not selling though.”

Antiques Roadshow airs on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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