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AUTUMNWATCH has returned to BBC Two with another set of wildlife stories, marking Michaela Strachan's return to the screens.

However, the show has had another shake-up with one of its regular hosts announcing their absence from the new series. Who will be hosting the popular nature programme?

Who are the Autumnwatch 2021 presenters?

Chris Packham, Gillian Burke, Megan McCubbin and Michaela Strachan will present the show.

Sadly, Iolo Williams has stated that he will not be joining the team as a presenter for Autumnwatch 2021 due to a scheduling clash.

Chris Packham

Chris is a naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author.

He hosted The Really Wild Show from 1986 to 1995 and has presented Springwatch, including Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, since 2009.

Chris has also presented a string of other programmes, including a documentary called Inside the Animal Mind, a two-part series for the BBC, Cats v. Dogs: Which Is Best?, and he co-presented Earth Live on NatGeo Wild with Jane Lynch and Phil Keogan.

Packham was born in Southampton on 4 May 1961 – that makes him 56 – and lives in the New Forest with his pet poodle, Scratchy.

He's dating Charlotte Corney, owner of the Isle of Wight Zoo – but the couple doesn't live together.

Gillian Burke

Gillian was born just outside Nairobi, Kenya and lived what she describes as a “very happily feral” childhood, hunting barefoot for insects outside their house.

“I hated shoes," she told the Radio Times, "and would kick them off as soon as I got home from school”.

She studied biology at Bristol University before working as a researcher for BBC's Natural History Unit.

Gillian now lives in Cornwall with her two children.

Megan McCubbin

Megan is Chris Packham's stepdaughter. She was new to 2020's Springwatch and Autumnwatch and returned for Winterwatch 2021.

Her bio reads: "Megan is a passionate scientist with a particular interest in behaviour, evolution and the illegal wildlife trade. Her interest stems from a childhood growing up in and around the Isle of Wight Zoo, which specialises in the rescue and rehabilitation of ex-circus and pet trade animals."

Michaela Strachan

While she was unable to host Winterwatch 2021, Michaela will return to hosting the series on October 26, 2021.

Michaela was stuck in Cape Town, South Africa, due to Covid lockdown restrictions and left Chris Packham to host Winterwatch 2021 alongside Gillian Burke, Iolo Williams and Megan McCubbin.

Hailing from Epsom, Surrey, Michaela began her career as performer in theatre before moving on to Saturday-morning television in the 1980s.

She has been a presenter for Good Morning Britain and Wide Awake Club and was a regular reporter for BBC One's Countryfile.

She has been the face of the show Springwatch since 2012.

Her TV credits also include a participation in the second season of the celebrity diving show Splash!

When away from the limelight, she spends her time with her partner Nick Chevallier. They share a son named Oliver born on June 8, 2005.

In October, 2014, Michaela revealed she went through a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Five years later, she announced that she was cancer free.

Why is Iolo Williams not hosting Autumnwatch 2021?

The news shocked fans on social media.

A regular face on the show since 2019, Iolo Williams will not be live hosting Autumnwatch 2021.

The Welsh presenter and writer broke the news on Twitter on Sunday, October 17, 2021, due to conflicting schedules.

While Michaela, Chris, Gillian and Megan will be live hosting the programme, he will be leading guided walking tours of the Isle of Mull, located off the west coast of Scotland.

"Unfortunately, I won't be live on Autumnwatch this year", he tweeted.

"The dates had to be changed to accommodate live coverage of the FA Cup and the new dates clashed with a week's guiding on Mull."

Iolo wished his team the best for filming, promising that he would be "back for Winterwatch" in early 2022.

When is Autumnwatch 2021 on TV?

The hosts will be catching up with nature when the show continues on BBC Two at 8pm tonight.

All episodes will then be available on the BBC iPlayer.

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