Where is Dan Walker going and why is he leaving Football Focus?

MUCH-loved presenter Dan Walker is leaving Football Focus after 12 years on the show.

We've got all the details about his decision to quit the BBC show and where he's heading next…

Why is Dan Walker leaving Football Focus?

In April 2021 Dan Walker announced he would be leaving Football Focus.

At the time, he teased 'one or two exciting opportunities' that will be revealed soon.

Dan told fans: "This is going to be my last season presenting Football Focus.

"It has been an amazing 12 years and I can honestly say I have loved every single second of it.

"I am so proud of the job we’ve done, the changes we’ve made and issues we’ve looked at a time when the football landscape has changed immeasurably.

"But, having said all that, after 12 years it's time for someone else to take the reins."

Walker added: "I’d like to say thank you to the amazing team at Focus who put so much into the show each week and thank you to the audience for tuning in every Saturday."

The role on BBC's flagship Saturday afternoon show will be taken up by Alex Scott.

Ex-Arsenal star Scott said: "When I was a kid, I would never have watched television and thought someone like me could be presenting a programme like Football Focus.

"For the BBC to trust me with this role and allow me to be my true, authentic self means a lot."

"From day one, Dan Walker has guided me – and crucially he let me ask questions," she said.

She added: "Dan knew I wanted to be a presenter so he helped hone my skills and allowed me to step out of my 'pundit' comfort zone on the show."

Where is Dan Walker going?

Dan has yet to announce the "exciting opportunities" he spoke about, but for now he will continue to work as a presenter on BBC Breakfast and for BBC Sport.

Walker will also be working on the rescheduled Olympics in Tokyo in July and August.

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