Wendy Williams Says She Will Get Married Again, Reveals What She's Looking for in a Man

The daytime talk show host also talks about why it’s so important to her that she hire unknown actors for her upcoming Lifetime biopic.

Wendy Williams is looking for a man, but she’s not looking for a boyfriend. The daytime talk show host broke it all down for Seth Meyers on "Late Night" Thursday, explaining that she is "not a girlfriend."

She also revealed that thus far she has been doing all of her dating the old-fashioned way. This means no dating apps, no social media hookups and no being set up by friends. "Like literally I approach the man or he approaches me," she told Seth.

Like, who does that?

But she also said, "I’m having a good time." And Wendy was all smiles throughout her interview, as she promotes Monday’s Season 11 premiere of "The Wendy Williams Show."

Part of having a good time has been learning who she is as a single woman and what the dating scene means to her. "What I’ve discovered is that I’m a wife, not a girlfriend," she said. "And I will get married again."

But she has very stringent standards on the man, who must be no younger than 48. But even more importantly, and in this day and age with people having children older and older this is a very important detail, they must have grown children.

"I’m not dealing with a five-year old calling me mommy. Get out of here with that!" Wendy said. "Freshmen year in high school, help them with homework. Get out of here with that!"

And she said she’s very up-front about these expectations, and even her intentions to one day get married again. When Seth asked her point-blank if she dropped that bombshell on the first date, she said, "Yeah."

She then went on to say, "Well, he might be watching right now." Then looking for her camera, she stared directly down the barrel and gave her trademark, "How you doin’, sir, okay?"

So does this mean there is a prospective Mr. Wendy Williams she’s seeing right now? This sounds like a Hot Topic we need more dirt on.

Finishing up, she said, "You need to live by yourself so we can hang out at your house or my house."

Later, Wendy opened up about Lifetime’s upcoming biopic about her life, which will be paired with a two-hour documentary. When Seth asked about casting, Wendy very passionately said that she wants to hire actors no one knows, "because really there’s a message in it."

That message is a parallel to Wendy’s own life. "I’ve done the best I can with what I have. And what I have is, you know, my parents don’t come from nepotism, like making a phone call and getting Wendy in the door."

"I’ve fought for everything and I’ve never been #MeToo’d. Respect to all the girls who are going through that, I’ve never done that. I don’t even know what that is, you know," she continued.

"I fight, punch, hustle, even right now going through a public divorce while I’m still a big mouth doing Hot Topics, I’m talking about people while I’m being talked about. It’s me against the world."

In other words, she wants to afford unknown actors and actresses the same opportunity she had, rather than go with someone established or someone who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows her, or some such nonsense.

We’ll surely hear all about it, and maybe even about all these future husbands she’s been trying out, when "The Wendy Williams" show returns for its 11th season on Monday, September 16.

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