Wendy Williams reveals her daily talk show will RETURN on Monday- but she’ll host from home – The Sun

Wendy Williams revealed her daily talk show will RETURN on Monday.

The daytime talk show host told followers she’ll host from home, following suspending production on her show amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Wendy posted on Instagram: "I may not be in my purple chair, and it may not look the same, but starting Monday I’m very excited to get back to all of you.

"There’s so much uncertainty in all of our worlds right now and we need each other!

"Stay safe! I [love] you for watching! See you Monday!"

Yesterday she added a picture of one of her cats, Myway.

She captioned the picture as if the post was from Myway: "…The cameras & bright lights are all over our home…I like it!

"Even though it's only us for now all we hear is lots of people speaking to mom.

"Thank goodness you're giving her something to do cause I'm tired of ALL the attention!

"Lol watch Monday! BYE!."

Last week she began posting "Wendy @ Home" videos from her New York City apartment.

In one installment she shaded other hosts broadcasting from home and not looking as camera-ready as audiences are used to seeing them.

She said: “Girl I got to tell you, there are a lot of people broadcasting from home and they look hella horrible. Men and women. I’m not going to call out names all I’m saying is…

"If you’re going to broadcast from home, you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed in a lumberjack shirt with effed up hair sitting in front of the camera talking about stuff.”

In another video the divorcée also posted about abstaining from sex during the pandemic.
She did, however, show DJ Boof paying a visit to the apartment.

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