We Dug Up All the Intel on Pieper From 'The Bachelor' So You Don't Have to (You're Welcome)

Matt James’s season of The Bachelor is getting down to the wire, and there are only a handful of his 40+ contestants left standing! One contender is Pieper, who up until recently has flown under the radar during her time on the show.

Pieper just took a major step in this week’s episode by telling Matt she’s falling in love with him 😱…but is that enough for her to receive the final rose? Read on for deets about Pieper before hometown dates commence!

She works in marketing and is pursuing a master’s in the field

Pieper is actually still in college—she’s currently studying as a graduate student at DePaul University so she can obtain her masters degree this year. Pieper also seems to be involved at her school, because she’s the president of Kellstadt Marketing Group, its professional marketing network.

She studied something completely different while in undergrad

Pieper decided to pursue her bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology at the University of Oregon. According to Pieper’s LinkedIn, she started working as an assistant brand manager for Mercedes Benz after graduating in 2019 and was later promoted to business development coordinator before leaving the company last year.

She’s a model

And a pretty in demand one at that! Pieper’s currently signed with Q6 models and has done quite a few 🔥🔥🔥 shoots with Nike.

A post shared by Pieper James (@pieper_james)

A post shared by Pieper James (@pieper_james)

A post shared by Pieper James (@pieper_james)

She has ~specific~ wants and needs from her man

According to her official ABC bio, “Pieper needs someone with confidence and someone who knows what they want in life because forethought is so important to her.” Her man—aka Matt…maybe—will also need to know she “values independence” and wants to “have parts of her life that remain her own.” You know, healthy relationship stuff.

Pieper and Matt already have the same last name

Ain’t that a hoot? If Pieper ends up taking home the final rose and marrying Matt, their names are already synced up. “My dad always wanted my sisters and I to keep our last name, which is ‘James,'” she told Matt after making her grand limo entrance. “So, I’m very happy to be meeting you.”

Stay tuned to see if Pieper ends up winning it all!

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