Wayne Lineker looks miserable as he's forced to shut down Ibiza club after staff test positive for Covid-19

WAYNE Lineker has finally shut down his world famous Lineker’s club in Ibiza – a week after bar staff tested positive for Covid-19.

Manager James Blyther sent round an alarming message to staff last Tuesday announcing he has tested positive for the killer virus, along with his girlfriend Gerda.

He promised to organise tests for all employees the following day and said: “I can’t stress how important this is.”

But they were ordered to carry out their shifts as normal and – instead of shutting until the test results came back – were simply urged to “wear masks and use sanitiser” for the rest of their shift.

Following claims eight of the 20 workers then tested positive, Wayne, 58, who is Gary Lineker’s brother – announced on Tuesday night it has finally shut.

All of his bars owned by the Lineker’s Group, which is believed to be worth around £30m and has venues across Europe including Puerto Banus, Zante, Tenerife and Paphos, have closed their doors “for the remainder of 2020”.

A source said: “It’s incredibly alarming. In a week it has clearly spread like wildfire.

“The bar should have been shut down immediately but it’s peak season and it’s busy.

“We had to do our shifts as normal until we had the test the next day.

“Clearly the safety of staff and customers is not being put before profits.

“Surely the owners have a duty of care?”

Wayne was pictured looking downbeat yesterday as he sat alone at the empty Lineker’s bar in Ibiza after announcing the temporary closure of his venues.

Posting the image on Instagram, he said: “Covid 1. Lineker’s 0. We may have lost the battle but we will not lose the war.

“But we’re healthy so still blessed. See you next year.”

Of the eight workers who have tested positive, all are said to be self-isolating at the venue’s staff quarters.

They are not being paid their wage but are being housed and fed for free.

One staff member said she thought she had started to feel ill but assumed she just had a “mammoth hangover”.

The next morning she received the WhatsApp message from management and did a test immediately, which came back positive.

She said: “It’s terrifying to think how many people I served not knowing I had the virus.

“I would urge anybody who has been at the bar to get tested.”

The message sent out to all staff last Tuesday said: “Right people, as you may or may not have heard, Gerda and myself have been tested positive for Covid.

“So tonight you must all wear your masks and use the hand sanitiser at all times. Do not take any risks.

“I’m sure all of you are absolutely fine but we need to get you all tested tomorrow.

“When you get home from work go straight to your room and wait til they knock on your door in the morning to test you.

“I can’t stress how important this is.

“Please make sure you stick to the rules and please keep this to yourselves.”

Despite not closing its doors, manager James said they have taken the situation “very seriously”.

He said: “Unfortunately it’s true that I have tested positive for coronavirus and therefore I am currently in self-isolation with my girlfriend Gerda.

“I work at Linekers and my girlfriend at Itaca.

“As both companies take the situation regarding Covid-19 very seriously we followed Spanish regulations by immediately testing all other members of staff at both venues.

“As well as this we instructed them to self isolate alongside any co-habitants for the government required 14 days.

“This will be followed by a second testing upon the finalisation of quarantine to deem them fully safe before their return to work.

“This testing came after the result of myself and my girlfriend recognising mild symptoms of loss of taste and smell and as our protocol is to operate as a responsible business we took these immediate actions to ensure no further spread of the contamination.”

In June Wayne announced new measures introduced at Linekers amid the pandemic.

He shut down the dancefloor and put in place disinfectant sprays at the entrance.

All staff were told to wear masks and hand sanitiser was placed on tables, which were spaced further apart to abide by social distancing rules.

Wayne was branded a “creep” earlier this month when he was filmed pushing women in the pool while picking a date.

Referring to the dancers who work at his clubs, he squirted hand sanitiser into his hands after telling the camera: “It’s time to pick which dream doll I’m taking out on a date.”

Wayne then pushed each woman – by placing his hand on their chest – into the pool as they were rejected.

Wayne also owns Ocean Beach club in Ibiza but yesterday it remained open for business.

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