Waterloo Road fans all say the same thing as they spot subtle nod to original

Waterloo Road fans were thrilled to see the new series pay homage to the original show with a subtle detail in the first episode.

As the students in the revived show protest outside the school gates, I Predict A Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs plays in the background as paint bombs are flung around and protest boards are hoisted into the sky.

Fans from the old series were quick to notice that the same song was used in the first ever episode of the original series, which aired back in 2006.

"I predict a riot was the first song featured in the first scene of the first episode of the show, so it’s a nice nod to the original series having it here too! #WaterlooRoad" one eagle-eyed fan noted.

Another fan spotted the nod, writing: "Lovely nod to the past with the use of I Predict a Riot! The first song we ever heard in the original series. #WaterlooRoad."

"Omg not the first ep having I Predict a Riot, like the old ep did #WaterlooRoad" a third fan added, as a fourth replied: "We love a throwback! #WaterlooRoad."

Another fan loved the detail, writing: "I absolutely love how the new series has a cover of I predict a riot in the first episode just like how the first episode of the original series had the og song #WaterlooRoad"

Fans were also excited to see Donte, played by Adam Thomas and Chlo (Katie Griffiths) return for the new series, having found love as high school sweethearts in the original series.

"I can’t believe we’re seeing donte and chlo onscreen in twenty twenty three like woah #WaterlooRoad," one fan tweeted in disbelief. 

A second couldn't believe their eyes. "So weird seeing Donte and Chlo all grown up #WaterlooRoad," they wrote.

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