Wait, Turns Out Brendan Scanzano Was Friends With Blake Before He Joined ‘The Bachelorette’

Katie Thurston only has a handful of contestants left on The Bachelorette, and the time has finally come to talk about Brendan Scanzano. Whomst, you ask? BRENDAN SCANZANO, I said!!! The 26-year-old firefighter trainee who’s from Toronto! No, he hasn’t gotten much screen time this season, but he’s still in this thing, dammit! Anyway, we know a ton about how far Brendan makes it (read: whether it’s worth getting emotionally attached to him or not) and if he’s on Bachelor in Paradise this season, so come hither if that piques your interest this fine Monday.

Just an FYI: There are spoilers in this article. As in, you’re about to find out some THINGS about how Katie’s final four and how her whole season ends. But I went ahead and put them at the bottom so no need to fling your phone across the room just yet.

Brendan’s ABC Bio Is Incredibly Wholesome

In case you haven’t been paying any attention whatsoever to Brendan while he’s been on TV, here’s a little bit about his personality (plus what he’s looking for in a relationship) from whoever’s tasked with writing ABC’s slightly unhinged contestant bios:

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^ Man who loves being clean and organized!

He’s a Hockey Player

Not professionally or anything, but hockey is definitely one of his hobbies. Brendan actually chatted about this in his Bachelorette intro, saying his dad wanted him to pursue a career in hockey (Canada, eh), but ultimately, he didn’t love it enough and decided to put his time and effort into being a firefighter.

He’s Friends With Blake Moynes!

Reality Steve reported this news way back when Katie’s season was first being cast, and there are actually pictures of Blake Moynes on Brendan’s Insta. Like, it looks as though they straight-up play on a hockey team together? Curious!

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Pretty ~interesting~ that Blake chose to come on the same dating show as his friend, but hey…maybe they aren’t that close.


Don’t Get Too Attached

Sorry to break this news to all you Brendan fans, but our dude does not win Katie’s season. In fact, he doesn’t even make it to the final four. Major spoiler, but Katie’s actual winner? That’d be Brendan’s buddy Blake. Kinda makes you think what could have happened if he didn’t join the show, huh!

Nope, Brendan Is Not Going on Bachelor in Paradise

At least, not as far as we know (ABC will be adding more contestants to the mix, so stay tuned). Which means this could be the last time you ever see Brendan on reality TV again. That is, unless ABC decides to make him their next Bachelor, which…I guess could happen?

Anyway, here’s a look at who is going on Bachelor in Paradise, in case you’re curious!

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