Vogue Williams reveals secret ‘baby pact’ with pal Millie Mackintosh

Vogue Williams has revealed she and pal Millie Mackintosh have made a pact to get ­pregnant at the same time so they can be “mum friends”.

The reality TV stars met through Vogue’s hubby – Millie’s Made In Chelsea co-star Spencer Matthews, 31.

Vogue and Spencer are eager to give son Theodore a sibling while Millie, 30, and Made In Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor, 33, are planning their first child after tying the knot last year.

Vogue, 34, said: “We’ve got a pact, me and Millie. It’s nice she wants to do it. I want another mum friend. I’m going to push her to go quicker.”

Spencer has an idea on how to speed up the process, too.

He said: “Me and Hugo are thinking about moving Vogue and Millie into the same space – doesn’t that help?”

Vogue and Spencer are returning to screens with a reality show that covers them raising one-year-old Theodore.

And viewers will see the couple, who married last year, celebrating their wedding vows a second time in an intimate bash thrown last month.

Vogue said: “We were a strong couple to begin with but having a baby and getting married has made it better.”

Spencer added: “It makes me love her more.”

The reformed playboy says getting married and becoming a dad made him grow up.

He said: “Meeting the correct woman certainly helps. Everything has worked out well.”

And the busy parents say they no longer have time for a social life.

Spencer, teetotal for two years, said: “A social life is the last thing on my agenda, I don’t care. Since sobriety, I’ve become extremely work-focused and driven. I’m full to the brim.”

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