Victoria devastates hopeful David over Emmerdale reunion?

Despite Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) being crystal clear about the state of play of their relationship, David (Matthew Wolfenden) is naïve enough to think that despite breaking the law in her name, he can still win his Emmerdale lover back. Does he even know Victoria?

Victoria didn’t hesitate in ending things when she learned of the abhorrent lengths David went to save his business, which involved breaking the law and secretly letting Victoria take the fall. The moment she learned he’d gone behind her back and told the police she’d been driving instead of him, she called it quits.

But like his current lack of business, he thinks it’s only temporary. If nothing else, clueless David has hope. Bundles of it, to the point it’s almost admirable how much he clings to the thought of a miracle, both for his shop and his love life.

He’s prepared to do what it takes to win her back and the opportunity arises in an unexpected manner thanks to Bear.

He bails as the shop’s Santa, so David steps into the breach to save from disappointing the local whipper snappers. Victoria is mightily impressed with his selfless act in saving the day, which, ever the glass-half-full, he sees it as a sign he’s taken a step in the right direction to get her back on side.

But just like the way he misread her when he first asked her to take the fine in her name, is he once again misreading the signals and heading for a fall?

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