Vicky Pattison smuggled out of hotel in cramped conditions to avoid paparazzi

In a new instalment of Vicky Pattison: No Filter, the reality star was moving house.

Vicky Pattison was swapping her hotel room at Westminster’s Plaza Hotel for a brand new London apartment.

However, things became stressful incredibly quickly as Vicky spotted some paparazzi as she was leaving.

The star, who won I'm a Celeb in 2015, said: "I’m just really nervous that they’re going to follow us to my new place."

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Bundled into a cab, Vicky’s suspicions were confirmed as she spotted a motorbike and people carrier hot on her tail.

She explained: “If they follow me to my new place, I am not going to feel safe.”

To regroup and think of a strategy to shake off the photographers, Vicky decided to dive into another hotel.

The ex Geordie Shore star continued: “I don’t care if they get bad pictures of us, I don’t care. I’m used to it, it’s part and parcel.

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"I don’t care if they get pictures.

"What I care about is that they’re going to follow us to the place that I’m going to live and that I want to be my home.

"Once they know where you live, that’s it.”

Vicky's best pal Gav came to the rescue with a plan to beat the paps.

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He proposed: “We could put you in that massive purple suitcase we got.

“That suitcase is massive, you could fit in that.

"That would be amazing if we did that.”

Tipping out its contents, Vicky clambered into the suitcase in the foetal position.

Planning things out, Gav said Vicky would have to be in the suitcase for around 10 minutes while he wheeled her outside and into the waiting cab.

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Vicky joked: “10 minutes?! I’m not a contortionist!”

The ex Loose Women host realised there was no other way, so they put the plan in action.

She filmed the escape on her phone, saying: “It’s so hot in here."

Luckily the duo succeed and left the hotel undetected by the paparazzi outside.

The 31-year-old said excitedly: “Vicky one, paps zero! In your face suckers!”

Vicky Pattison: No Filter airs Wednesdays at 10pm exclusively on Quest Red and the QuestOD app

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