Vera’s Aiden Healy star details ‘really special’ moments filming Brenda Blethyn series

Brenda Blethyn says her shoes help her get into character

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Kenny Doughty has played Aiden Healy in Vera since 2014 after he replaced Joe Ashworth (played by David Leon). The detective has played DCI Stanhope’s (Brenda Blethyn) sidekick ever since, and while the duo get along now, it hasn’t always been that way. Speaking in a new interview, the actor discussed what he loves about filming for the ITV series.

“The physical locations we have are always epic, I don’t know how the team finds them,” the Aiden Healy star began.

“Anything with a natural beauty to it is always appealing unless it’s raining.

“I love being by the sea and the coast, when the sun is rising there is a calmness about it all.

“I like the locations that I wouldn’t get to go to as myself/Kenny, that’s why the Farne Islands were particularly amazing, you can’t script it.”

The actor continued: “You have these little boats going to these islands, seeing the amazing wildlife, the dolphins, seals and whales.

“I can’t believe it’s my job, it’s insane. Those moments are really special.”

Filming for series 12 has already begun as the cast and crew have been spotted filming in Newcastle.

However, fans are still eagerly waiting to watch the final two episodes of series 11.

The first four instalments of the series have been broadcast, but it is unclear when the final two episodes will be shown on TV.

The actress who plays Vera recently gave fans an update on series 11, and she even admitted she had no idea when viewers would be able to watch the episodes.

The Vera cast and crew also faced difficulties when filming for series 11 after production was put on hold due to the pandemic.

When filming did eventually resume, Kenny and Brenda had to form a social bubble so they could film scenes closely together.

Speaking about how his relationship with Brenda has strengthened over the past 18 months Kenny said: “Definitely! You can’t really describe it.

“It’s like when you’ve had an amazing trip or life experience and you try to share it and tell other people about it but you can’t. It’s really difficult to articulate.

“When you’re non-verbalising your friendship and you just instinctively know that it’s a good time to be together, even if it’s in silence.

“We might have had a tough day at work and we’d come in, make a cup of tea, sit down and watch the T.V and we wouldn’t have even said a word to each other.”

He said: “Other nights we’d come in and howl with laughter, talk about the day we’d had, run through lines for the next day, talk about the scripts and the people we’d been working with.

“We loved watching the Euros together too, that was something we could discuss and get involved with.

“But it was really hard not doing any of the things we used to do like going out for a meal, going to the pub or to the theatre and although I did feel very lucky to be working I naively thought that I would have been able to get through that time a lot easier than anticipated.”

Paying a tribute to Brenda, Kenny added: “The saving grace of this difficult time was Brenda. I couldn’t have gotten through it without Brenda’s wicked sense of humour.”

Vera is expected to air on ITV later this year.

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