Trevor Noah & Jimmy Kimmel Dunk On GOP’s Reality Check As Joe Biden Secures Electoral College Win

GOP figures, who have since challenged Joe Biden’s election win back in November, are now facing the music as the Electoral College confirmed the former vice president as the next POTUS. A day after Biden’s Electoral College confirmation, late night hosts Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel are dunking on Trump allies and Republicans as they get their overdue reality check.

“For the 30th time, Donald Trump’s attempts to undo the election have once again, finally come to an end. Even some of his biggest enablers are accepting reality,” The Daily Show host said on Tuesday night.

During his monologue Noah highlighted what seems to be a major moment as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally recognized Biden as the incoming President of the United States. While it may be easy to find admiration in McConnell’s acknowledgement it’s worth noting that the Kentucky senator, among many other GOP figures, heavily pushed to challenge the results of the November election.

However, McConnell isn’t the only dedicated Trump ally to congratulate Biden on his presidential win. Russian President Vladimir Putin extended his congratulations to the President-elect noting that he’s excited to share “interactions” and “contacts” with the incoming Commander In Chief. With both McConnell and Putin calling the election in favor of Joe Biden, Trump doesn’t have too many options to claim victory, Noah said.

“If Mitch can’t find a way to subvert American democracy, then it can’t be done,” Noah said.

Kimmel also took shots at McConnell and his acknowledgement of Biden’s victory, noting that the GOP senator “took a break from blocking Covid relief” to congratulate Biden for an election for which he won the people’s vote.

Like Noah, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host poked fun at Putin’s message to the Obama-era Vice President and quipped about his lack of attention on Trump.

“If Putin’s offering a congratulatory handshake to Joe Biden then what is trump eating pellets out of?,” Kimmel said.

Watch the late night clips below.

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