‘Tone deaf’ BBC blasted for airing Ricky Gervais film as Muppets dance with Russians

Muppets Most Wanted trailer: Kermit hoisted into Russian jail

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The movie, which aired on the BBC, stars Ricky Gervais as villain Dominic Badguy and sees the comedian teaming up with a criminal mastermind called Constantine, who looked just like Kermit. The plot centres around Constantine, who escaped from a Siberian Gulag to join his subordinate Dominic in a plot to steal the British Crown Jewels. However, it wasn’t long before the real Kermit got ambushed in Berlin and is arrested by police.

Kermit is then transferred to Gulag, a Russian prison located in Siberia, as police believed he was Constantine.

“You’ve got the wrong frog,” Kermit can be heard shouting before he is placed in the prison.

Kermit was then given a warm welcome by his fellow Russian prisoners as they believed he was Constantine.

“I guess you are in charge of the prison again,” one prisoner said. “Here, take the crown.”

However, they soon realised Kermit was a fraud and wasn’t Constantine at all.

Later on, prison warden Nadya (played by Tina Fey) and the Russian prisoners befriended Kermit and he taught them to sing and dance.

They could then be seen dancing on stage, before Kermit’s friends eventually rescued him.

“I can’t believe you’re here, it’s so good to see you guys,” Kermit began.

They went to explain that Constantine had teamed up with Dominic and had taken over the Muppets.

“He looked like you and he talked like you,” Fozzy told his pal as they got Kermit out of the prison.

However, the movie sparked outrage with some viewers, and many called out the BBC for putting the film on the TV schedule at all.

It comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared an invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

Ukrainian residents have been forced to flee their beloved country, and some have been unable to escape as explosions are carried out across the city.

According to reports, as of Saturday morning, there have been 198 deaths in Ukraine, three of which are children.

More than 1,000 Ukrainian citizens have also been injured as a result of the invasion.

Taking to social media to share their anger at the movie being shown, Lynn raged: “Well done @BBC for the most insensitive choice of family film today … The Muppets dancing and singing with Russian soldiers and a song about not getting out of their prisons … GREAT JOB!! #seriously #checkyourlistings #Unbelievable #BBC1.” (sic)

Aaron penned: “Haha Muppets Most Wanted on BBC1 perfect time to play a film about Russian crime mastermind.” (sic)

Alvin tweeted: “Once again those lovely people at the @BBC play a blinder by showing the Muppets Most Wanted. A movie about Russians and Gulags. You couldn’t make it up.” (sic)

While Natalie added: “Bad taste BBC with the Muppets. Russians singing together again at the end.”

User @thoughtsforwhy commented: “BBC playing ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ which includes Kermit being locked up in a Russian Gulag… this feels a little tone-deaf.” (sic)

“@BBC_Complaints Why did BBC show Muppets in Russia today?” Barry quizzed.

Cam continued: “@rickygervais is the BBC being shortsighted in showing the Muppets Most Wanted? Constantine taking something that doesn’t belong to him is ringing a little too true at the moment.” (sic) have approached the BBC for comment.

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