Tipsy Amy Hart makes Josh Ritchie’s date VERY awkward with gross toilet talk on Celebs Go Dating – The Sun

CELEBS Go Dating's Amy Hart made things seriously awkward for Joshua Ritchie on his latest date.

The Love Island star, 27, was chatting to Joshua and his flame Natalia when she introduced some wince-inducing toilet talk during a graphic game of "Would You Rather".

Amy was sitting on a hammock while Joshua and Natalia snuggled up on another hammock across from her during the group trip to the Dominican Republic.

With a cocktail in hand, the boozy reality star asked: "Would you rather someone weed on you or pooed on you?"

Joshua and Natalia burst out laughing, before Joshua said: "Definitely weed on."

There was then an awkward silence, which Amy filled by saying: "I love 'Would You Rather' it's my favourite game."

Joshua then asked: "Would you rather have nipples for fingers or fingers on your nipples."

Natalia replied: "I can't answer this question to be honest, it's unrealistic."

The glamorous brunette then offered: "Three boobs or two d**ks."

Joshua responded, laughing: "I'd have two d**ks. That wouldn't even be a bad thing for me I'd love to have them!"

The celebrities headed to the Caribbean this week as part of Celebs Go Dating's big trip abroad.

Amy may have been unlucky on Love Island but she's certainly smitten with her new man, Kurt.

The former air stewardess revealed she'd had sex with Kurt after their drinks date ended in dancing and kissing.

"After the date he came back to my hotel for a drink," she grinned.

"I have to ask this… did you have sex?" dating expert Anna Williamson asked.

"Yes," Amy giggled.

And she explained Kurt had to go to work the next morning but said him leaving in the same clothes was more of a "stride of pride" than a "walk of shame".
On their next date, Amy boldly asked Kurt where he thought their romance was going.

"Obviously you're the one for me," he answered. "I'm not dating anyone else at the moment."

After the pair decided that they are exclusive, she invited him to join her in the Caribbean.

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