Tiger King viewers all have the same huge complaint as season 2 hits Netflix

THE eagerly anticipated second season of Tiger King was unleashed on Netflix today – but viewers all have the same damning complaint.

Millions of viewers became enthralled watching Tiger King in 2020 after witnessing the intense hatred between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

In 2018, Exotic – whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage – was arrested and accused of hiring two men to murder Baskin.

The following year, he was found guilty of multiple federal charges of animal abuse and two counts of attempted murder and was sentenced to a 22-year prison sentence in Fort Worth, Texas.

Many were left wondering what the new series would bring, especially with Joe in prison, but now their questions have been answered – and fans aren’t happy.

Twitter has quickly become a switchboard for complaints about the second instalment, with many dubbing it as "the worst sequel of all time".

Alongside an angry-faced emoji, one viewer wrote: “Just binge-watched the second season of Tiger King and, I can confirm, that it does not hit the same as the first.”

Referring to Carole Baskin’s attempt to get the film binned, someone else penned: “I see why Baskin was trying to block the release of Tiger King.”

"It's probably the worst sequel of all time. What were Netflix thinking?"

Another disappointed fan, meanwhile, noted that there could be another instalment on the way and fumed: “The most distressing thing to take away is that we are, almost certainly, going to have to sit through a Tiger King 3.”

If you were hoping for another round of the Joe and Carole show, you’re likely to be disappointed.

Joe does appear in each episode, however, all of his interviews are recorded over Zoom with the former zoo owner still serving time in prison.

And while archive footage of Carole does feature in season two, it’s clear that she didn’t return for new interviews.

Since its release, reviews from critics have been pretty scathing, too, with the majority of them claiming that the new season is terrible in comparison to the wild ride the first season was.

The Telegraph gives Tiger King 2 a measly single star out of five, saying it’s “a tawdry, pointless sequel to a series we’d already grown sick of”.

Tiger King 2 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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