Tiffany Barker update: My 600-lb Life star tells fans she was fired from job

Tiffany Barker recently pleaded with her fans on Instagram about her financial situation. She explained why she lost her job and how they fired her.
The three-person company couldn’t handle Tiffany’s drama.

Her cousin Jasmine was “in and out of the hospital” and “almost died” during surgery, according to Tiffany’s account of the story.

The drama was untenable for Tiffany’s boss who let her go.

Now Tiffany claims she “will just move on now.”

Posted by Tiffany Barker, My 600 Pound Life. on Saturday, June 15, 2019

The former My 600-lb Life star has been flaming social media with all her hot new “after” shots like this:

On her public Facebook page, she wrote: “Hello beautiful and handsome people, I just wanted to start out by saying thank you for all the support and love everyone is showing me since the airing of my episode of my 600 pound life.”

When we met Tiffany, she weighed 673 pounds. Now at age 28, she seems to be on the slim path to health.

“Shopping for food is something that I absolutely love,” Tiffany shares as she shops at a grocery store.

In her episode where she was shopping, she said: “Aside from eating, it’s [going out to eat and the grocery store] is my favorite thing to do. And it fills me with such excitement when I find what I want.”

As we covered previously, Tiffany was rudely shamed when she went to a grocery store.

Meanwhile on her socials, Tiffany s posting photos of keto dinners like asparagus and grilled salmon, healthy low carb meals that Dr. Nowzaradan asks his patients to begin eating, and skipping all the empty calorie carbs like bread, pasta, cookies, and cakes.

Hopefully, Tiffany will be the next Milla Clark success story for Dr. Now and TLC!

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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