This Morning vet Dr Scott mortified as his dog 'wees and defecates' on the show's carpet live on air

THIS Morning star Dr Scott Miller was forced to apologise after his dog "urinated and defecated" on the set of the show.

The vet's cockapoo Skully left a wet patch on the carpet with host Dermot O'Leary saying sarcastically: "Great smelling studio today."

Dr Scott picked his dog up mid-way through his feature on pet first-aid after spotting it doing its business by the sofa.

The Aussie vet, 45, said: "Oh gosh. Sorry everyone, she might be doing a little bit of a wee on the rug.

"This is fabulous, this is great. Disgraceful. Sorry."

Alison Hammond, 46, promised: "Oh it's only a little something. I'll get the carpet scrub on it afterwards."

Dr Scott later apologised again as he plugged the phone-in on "pet problems" later in the show.

He joked he should call in himself having been embarrassed by the pet "urinating and defecating" on the show.

One viewer joked: "Caller – what do you do when you're dog p***es live on air?!"

Dermot, 48, joked: "It's a great smelling studio today. Fried chicken over there, dog urine over there."

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