This Morning thrown into chaos as Gino D’Acampo ‘doesn’t show up’ for ITV show

This Morning star Gino D'Acampo was "late for work" and missed the start of the ITV show on Tuesday.

The 44-year-old television star failed to show up as hosts Holly Willougby and Phillip Schofield told viewers he was late.

Phil introduced Gino, but when the camera cut to the kitchen, he wasn't there.

He said: "Chaos in the kitchen – Gino is here for his Tuesday truffle class – morning Gino!"

"Morning Gino," Holly quipped.

Phil remarked: "He did promise he'd be here for the beginning but, as usual, nah. Hasn't made it in."

Holly joked: "I love how we used to readjust things, our timings to fit for him and now we're like, no whatever – he's not here!"

Luckily Gino's cooking segment on the show wasn't until a bit later on, but viewers were concerned he wouldn't show up at all.

They took to Twitter, wondering when he would arrive at the television studios for work.

One said: "Where's Gino?!"

While another wrote: "Gino's too busy…"

"Gino doesn't give a frig anymore, he just rolls in whenever it suits him", penned a third.

Schofield called out to his This Morning co-star: "See you in a bit!"

Holly exclaimed: "Wherever you are, hurry up!"

Gino eventually arrived to the studios, walking into camera shot carrying a coffee.

Phil scolded: "You were supposed to be here at half 10!"

The chef did have an excuse for his late arrival, as he claimed it was his great Auntie's birthday today, so he had to ring her up.

Holly remarked he was late to work, but had time to make himself a cup of coffee.

Gino said somebody handed it to him as he entered the building, to which Phil remarked he didn't get that treatment.

Gino joked: "What's the point of working in showbiz if you have to make your own coffee?"

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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