This Morning fans giggle as woman’s dead mother-in-law’s ghost ‘bounces on bed’

This Morning viewers couldn't stop smirking as a woman claimed her dead mother-in-law's ghost bounces on her bed when they are trying to get intimate.

Jane Drew and her husband David were talking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the haunting nighttime goings on.

The couple say both departed parents visit their bedroom.

Jane says although she hasn't actually seen David's dead mum she lets her know she is there.

Mary – Jane's mother who passed away in 2019 – also pops by when they are tucking themselves in.

"I remember the first time I saw Jane's mum," David recalled.

"It's been a few months since she passed over, but I saw her at the bottom of our bed. I always said she had a face who could haunt houses!"

Holly laughed: "You're a very brave man!"

David's mum Joan passed away in 1979 and Jane always feels her presence.

"I don't actually see her, but I do feel her bouncing on the bed," she told the presenters. "She is just visiting him I guess.

"She sits on the side of the bed when we're in it and gives a couple of bounces to let us know that it's her."

Phil then quizzes: "Well, why doesn't she visit in the kitchen?"

Jane added: "She probably does, it's just that I can't really feel her there. When you are going to sleep you are more relaxed."

Holly then added: "I am going to ask what a lot of people are thinking now.

"The last thing, when they are getting intimate, it for their mother-in-law, dead or alive, to be anywhere near the bedroom?"

Jane responded: "It can be a bit of a mood killer!"

Viewers couldn't believe what they were hearing and took to social media after the show.

One tweeted: "The ghost bouncing on the bed!!!!"

Another joked: "The ghost mother watches them at it and shouts encouragement from the sidelines!"

A third put: "LOL the mother in law watching them in the bedroom bouncing on the bed @TheMorning come on."

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