The White Lotus’ Jennifer Coolidge drops worrying The Watcher update

The White Lotus: Season 2 official trailer

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After gaining worldwide acclaim for her role in HBO’s The White Lotus, actress Jennifer Coolidge starred as real estate expert Karen Calhoun in the Netflix thriller, The Watcher. However, as fans await details about the highly anticipated second season, Jennifer shared a concerning update.  

The Watcher told the disturbing true story of married couple Nora Braddock (played by Naomi Watts) and Dean Brannock (Bobby Cannavale) who were stalked in their own home. 

They began to receive ominous letters which detailed how the owners were being watched by a mysterious stalker. 

As there was more to the chilling adaptation, the announcement of the show’s renewal was welcomed by fans who were left confused by the ambiguous ending. 

However, there could be a major casting shake-up after Karen star Jennifer Coolidge spoke on season two. 

Although real estate tycoon Karen Calhoun sold Nora and Dean the home, she was also suspected of being the mysterious stalker. 

Despite this, Jennifer revealed she hasn’t received any calls yet about starring in season two. 

Speaking on her character’s reprisal, she shared: “I mean, I’m wondering – I wonder if they will call Karen back. I would definitely go if they offer, if they ask me.

“I wanted to tell Ryan (Murphy) [creator] that Karen can run much faster, I hope she’s back,” she added to Entertainment Weekly.

Fingers were firmly pointed towards Karen after she constantly pestered Nora to put her home back on the market after the couple received the first threatening letter. 

She was also romantically involved with corrupt detective Rouke Chambaland (Christopher McDonald) who couldn’t care less about the Brannocks’ concerns. 

To make things worse, when the couple eventually moved out of their dream home, Karen quickly bought the house herself. 

However, during the finale, she was driven out of the house with screams of terror after discovering her beloved dog was killed. 

Although Karen resold the house at a loss, many questioned if she could have been the victim of a copycat watcher or if she was truly innocent. 

Nora and Dean moved back to the city but were still dealing with the aftermath of their traumatising experience. 

Despite their therapy sessions, it was revealed Dean would drive back to the house and sit in his car admiring the home. 

In the final moments, after he drove off, Nora pulled up outside the home clearly still captivated by what could have been.

Although a release date is yet to be confirmed, fans can expect season two to dive deeper into the major mystery. 

The series was left on an unusual note as the identity of the Watcher remained unknown.

As well as Karen, the members of the Westfield Preservation Society were also placed under suspicion.

Pearl (Mia Farrow), Jasper (Terry Kinney) and John Graff’s (Joe Mantello) innocence were called into question even though the real-life Watcher was never found.

The Watcher is available to stream on Netflix.

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