The View’s Sunny Hostin throws major shade at Kim Kardashian live on air as Whoopi Goldberg warns 'don't do that' | The Sun

SUNNY Hostin has thrown major shade at Kim Kardashian on The View – before getting called out by Whoopi Goldberg.

The co-host slammed The Kardashians star's acting skills during a discussion in Thursday's broadcast of the chat show.

Sunny, 54, said: "Have you seen the movies [Kim] is in?"

Her The View co-host Joy Behar, 80, added: "She's been getting Razzies for her acting."

Sunny went on, "I saw one of the movies and it was…" before tailing off while widening her eyes meaningfully.

Whoopi, 67, warned tersely: "Don't… don't do that. That's off the conversation. That's a different conversation."

Sunny couldn't resist sneaking in another dig, adding: "I've seen her act, I'm going to leave it at that…"

Whoopi praised Kim, reflecting on how she turned her fame around after her sex tape was leaked in 2007.

The comedian said: "The bottom line is this. The idea that Kim Kardashian can get stuff done is real and her talent is…

"I'll tell you what is. She took a c**p situation and made it golden.

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"She and her family said, 'You will not speak about us that way. We are five women – this is what you do, this is what you do.'"

The actress realized they were meant to go to commercial and pointed at a The View producer off-camera, saying: "Look at Rob.

"Look at Rob. Rob is crying. Rob is crying right now. We're gonna go, and we'll come right back."

The camera then panned to Rob, who hung his head and jokingly pretended to cry.

One viewer tweeted after the humorous moment: "Rob actually WAS crying (jokingly, obviously, I assume)!"

This isn't the first time Whoopi has experienced an awkward blunder on The View.

Late last month, she snapped at co-host Sunny Hostin for refusing to "stay on topic", before mocking Ana Navarro with NSFW jokes.

Her behavior has left fans calling for Whoopi to be fired from the popular talk show.

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