‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Posts Her Top Moments from 2020

The year 2020 wasn’t the greatest, but The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond tried to find some bright spots. She posted a collage on Instagram that displayed some of her favorite memories from last year. Here are the Food Network star’s top moments from 2020.

Alex Drummond’s engagement to Mauricio Scott

One big moment for Drummond was the engagement of her eldest daughter, Alex Drummond. She’s set to marry her college sweetheart, Mauricio Scott (they met at Texas A & M University). He proposed to Alex last fall, and Drummond announced the exciting news on her Instagram page.

Drummond says her daughter plans to marry Scott on May 1, 2021. As for the venue, the bride-to-be decided to get married on the ranch after considering hotels in Oklahoma, reports The Pioneer Woman website.

During a Q and A on The Pioneer Woman Instagram page, Alex said she was initially hesitant about the location because the ranch is in “the middle of nowhere.” However, she changed her mind after her father, Ladd Drummond, suggested it.

“I was nervous about it at first because there’s just so many logistics that I was thinking about, like, how are people going to get out here?” said Alex during The Pioneer Woman Q and A. “It’s literally the middle of nowhere. But we’re going to figure it out, we’ll just give people directions.”

Ree and Ladd Drummond’s wedding anniversary

Another moment Drummond relishes from 2020 is her wedding anniversary. Last September, the couple celebrated 24 years of marriage (they were married on September 21, 1996). In an Instagram post, Drummond wished her husband a happy anniversary. She also thanked him for getting her pregnant within a week of their wedding.

Ree Drummond’ eldest and youngest child spending time together

Drummond gushed over her children Alex and Todd. She was happy to see them spending time together. A picture she posted on Instagram showed the siblings walking down a road. The best part of the picture (at least we think) was her basset hound, Fred, who is trailing behind them.   

Spending Christmas with her family

One picture that stands out in Drummond’s holiday collage is of her children in matching pajamas. She often comments about how much she loves the holidays and spending time with her children. Each year, Drummond buys holiday pajamas for her family. She even has matching pajamas for the dogs.

Ree and Ladd Drummond recently announced a new addition to their family. They now have a foster son named Jamar. Drummond says she didn’t speak about him earlier because there are rules about discussing a foster child on social media. She also wanted to give Jamar time to adjust.

Paige Drummond trying on Ree Drummond’s wedding dress

Alex’s impending nuptials prompted her and her sister, Paige, to try on their mother’s wedding dress. Drummond posted a photo of Paige posing in her 1996 gown. She chose not to show Alex in the dress because she wanted Scott to be surprised when he sees his bride in a wedding gown for the first time.

Other top moments on Drummond’s list include Paige’s birthday and the family gathering together for Alex’s engagement photos. We can’t wait to see her top moments for 2021.

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