‘The House’: Matthew Goode, Helena Bonham-Carter, Miranda Richardson, Susan Wokoma Among Cast In Netflix’s Dark Animated Comedy — Annecy

Netflix has announced the cast of The House, its upcoming stop motion dark comedy animation anthology from Nexus Studios. The news was revealed Monday at the Annecy International Film Festival.

Directed by leading stop motion animation directors Emma de Swaef, Marc Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr and Paloma Baeza and produced by Nexus Studios, The Dark centers on a house and the three surreal tales of the individuals who made it their home.

“The characters in The House, albeit in different ways, are all trying to make sense of the world and their place within it. It’s about their flawed attempt to conform to an idea of who they think they are or who they think they ought to be,” said Charlotte Basso, Producer. “And whether they manage to break free or not. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better cast: they all embraced the heart of those existentialist comedies and the uniquely caustic sense of humour of our visionary filmmakers and writer in spectacular ways.”

Details below.

Chapter One:


Claudie Blakley (Pride & Prejudice, Gosford Park) is Penelope.
Matthew Goode (Stoker, The Duke) voices Raymond, a father who strives for something more for his family.
Mia Goth (Suspiria, Emma) voices Mabel, the daughter of Raymond and Penelope.
Mark Heap (Friday Night Dinner, The Trouble With Maggie Cole) voices Mr. Thomas.
Miranda Richardson (Stronger, Good Omens) voices Aunt Clarice.
Josh McGuire (Lovesick, Love Nina) voices Uncle Georgie.
Stephanie Cole (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Doc Martin) voices Great Aunt Eleanor.

Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels (This Magnificent Cake)

Chapter Two:


Musician/writer Jarvis Cocker voices the Contractor who’s determined to refurbish the house.
Yvonne Lombard (A Lesson in Love, Göta Kanal) and the late Sven Wollter voice the Odd Couple – curious and mysterious potential buyers.
Musician Dizzee Rascal voices the Policeman.


Niki Lindroth (The Burden)

Chapter Three:


Helena Bonham-Carter (The Crown, Enola Holmes) voices Jen, an eccentric tenant.
Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones, The Third Day) voices Cosmos, a spiritual friend of Jen’s.
Will Sharpe (Giri/Haji, Defending The Guilty) voices Elias, a sensitive young artist and tenant
Susan Wokoma (Crazyhead, Enola Holmes) voices Rosa, the landlady determined to restore the house to its former glory.


Paloma Baeza (Poles Apart)

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