The Holiday viewers distracted over ‘irritating’ Channel 5 feature: ‘Makes me dizzy!’

The Holiday: Trailer for new drama series starting on Channel 5

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Channel 5’s newest drama, The Holiday, began on Tuesday night which saw a group of families begin to enjoy their summer holiday in Malta. Jill Halfpenny plays the lead character Kate who suspects her husband is cheating with one of the women that are on holiday with them. However, not long after the episode began, many viewers became annoyed with the camera work and compared it to being “shot on an iPhone”.

The first episode, which aired on Tuesday night, saw Kate and her friends from university arrive in Malta excited for their holiday.

However, it is soon revealed that dark secrets are hiding just beneath the surface when Kate found messages from another woman on her husband Sean’s (played by Owen McDonnell) phone.

Kate tried to process what she had seen in his phone and decided she wanted to find the truth out for herself.

However, it seemed the anger got the better of her when she dropped some not-so-subtle hints around the dinner table and their friends.

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Their single friend Izzy (Cat Simmons) arrived a day late and revealed she was moving back to the UK after travelling and hinted that she met someone, but it was “complicated”.

Rowan’s (Siobhan Hewlett) husband Russ (Andrew Macklin) had suspicions that she was having an affair, which led to Kate thinking it was with Sean.

The third woman, Jenny (Liv Mjones), pulled Kate to one side and admitted that she and Sean slept together once at uni before Kate and Sean had met.

Kate confronted Sean, but he told her that it was 20 years in the past and that it didn’t mean anything to him.

The ladies were all dressed up for a girl’s night out when the camera panned to Sean sending a message to his mystery woman saying he “can’t do this anymore”.

As they walked towards their taxi, the only person’s phone to go off was Jenny’s, could she be the one having the affair with Sean?

Many viewers enjoyed the first episode and were excited to see the events unfold and find out if Sean was really having an affair with one of her supposed “best friends”.

However, some were annoyed with the camera work and took to Twitter to express their annoyance.

Christabel said: “#theholiday finding this really irritating. Too many choppy shots, making me dizzy. and I’ve read the book!”

@turntheboxon added: “Hold the camera still so we can actually see what it says then #TheHoliday.”

Lee Savery fumed: “Channel 5: ‘We want our own dramas, but we’ve got no budget, so we can only afford an ex soap actor to lead it and an iPhone to shoot it on’ ‘Sure, why not?’ someone says.”

Caitlin wrote: “Arrgh! The framing is really bugging me; the cameraman keeps cutting off the tops of their heads, hasn’t anyone taught them about ‘headroom’? #theHoliday.”

Whilst some were annoyed with the camera work of the new series, many were excited to follow along with the storyline.

Robin Edwards praised: “Looking forward to #TheHoliday on @channel5_tv tonight, read the book last year and really enjoyed it.”

With @readingwithholl exclaimed: “Patiently awaiting #TheHoliday to come on!!!! So excited for the first episode.” (sic)

The Holiday returns Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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