The Defeated Netflix cast: Who is in the cast?

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The Defeated, AKA Shadowplay will drop on Netflix on August 18 and brings together a talented cast. The show is set in 1946 Berlin, tracking the chaotic aftermath of World War II. Many viewers will recognise the main cast of the show, but who exactly is in the series?

Who is in the cast of The Defeated on Netflix?

The Defeated, originally titled Shadowplay, was first announced way back in late-2019 and suffered numerous delays.

This is an original series from Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein, the creators of The Bridge.

Divided into eight parts, this is a completely original story, not based on a pre-existing novel or true events.

The show simply uses the real-world location and context surrounding Berlin in 1946 to tell its story.

The official synopsis reads: “Max McLaughlin is an American cop who arrives in Berlin in the summer of 1946 to help create a police force in the chaotic aftermath of the war.”

Max McLaughlin – Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch is leading the series as the American cop entering Berlin for the first time.

The actor is known for starring in some massive blockbusters including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Battleship, and John Carter.

More recently, Kitsch could be seen in Waco and True Detective, playing the role of Officer Paul Woodrugh.

The star shared news of The Defeated’s premiere on his Instagram, posting: “FINALLY! 😉 AUG 18 it airs INTERNATIONALLY on @netflix :)! Proud of this cast/crew.” (sic)

Tom Franklin – Michael C Hall

Michael C Hall is best known for starring in the hit series Dexter as the title character.

Here, Hall plays Tom Franklin, another cop trying to establish the police force within Berlin.

The star will soon be reprising his role of Dexter in the new series continuation Dexter: New Blood.

Hall is also known for Star vs the Forces of Evil, Safe, Gamer and Six Feet Under.

Moritz McLaughlin – Logan Marshall-Green

Logan Marshall-Green has joined the cast as Moritz McLaughlin, the brother of Max.

Marshall-Green has starred in a number of major blockbusters, with one of his big breakout roles being Charlie Holloway in the Alien prequel, Prometheus.

Since then, he has starred in films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Upgrade, and Snowden.

His last major TV project was Damnation, where he played the role of Creeley Turner.

Elsie Garten – Nina Hoss

Nina Hoss plays the role of Elsie Garten, a former university linguistics teacher who has joined the police force in the hopes of returning Berlin to its former glory before the war.

Hoss’ character will play a vital role in the series, complicating matters further for Max.

Fans may recognise Hoss from her other projects, including Homeland, Phoenix, A Most Wanted Man and Barbara.

More recently, Hoss could be seen in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as Alena during the latest season.

Claire Franklin – Tuppence Middleton

Rounding out the main cast is Tuppence Middleton as Claire Franklin, the daughter of Tom.

Middleton gained a new wave of fans for her role of Sara Mankiewicz in David Fincher’s Mank.

The film, which went on to receive numerous nominations and awards, followed screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) as he races to finish the screenplay of Citizen Kane.

The Defeated is available to watch exclusively on Netflix in the UK.

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