The Deceived: Did Michael Callaghan kill Annabelle?

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The Deceived is a popular psychological thriller series in Channel 5 and the final episode airs on August 6. The latest episode revealed Annabelle (played by Saffron Coomber) had been a previous student of Michael’s (Emmett Scanlan) and the pair had been closer than Michael let on. Fans are wondering whether Michael killed Annabelle, and here is everything we know so far.

Did Michael Callaghan kill Annabelle?

In the third episode of the four-part thriller series, Michael became an even bigger murder suspect.

His late wife Roisin’s (Catherine Walker) friend Ruth (Shelley Conn) became more suspicious of Michael.

Ophelia (Emily Reid) ended up finding a knife planted in her bag, and fans were wondering whether Michael put it there as he had been the last person to touch her bag.

Viewers learn Annabelle was the student Michael had been arguing with at the university, and Ophelia had seen them together.

Annabelle’s brother Richard (Lloyd Everitt) visited the university to find Michael, saying his sister was missing.

He told Ruth that Annabelle had Michael’s home address in her diary, and he needed to know why.

Richard visited the house at Knockdara and spoke to Ophelia, who claimed she knew nothing.

Her brother then tracked Michael down at his father’s funeral and asked him how he knew Annabelle.

Michael said he only knew of her vaguely, as he was her cover teacher and she left university the previous year.

Ophelia had found Annabelle had a Thomas Hardy quote written in her notebook, and she became suspicious as Michael had claimed he knew nothing about Hardy.

She may have told Richard more than viewers thought, as Richard says to Michael she had been “very helpful”.

Michael said he had arranged for Roisin, who was an author, and Annabelle to meet up to discuss Annabelle’s work, which explained why his address was in her diary.

He said Annabelle probably just ran off somewhere, but Richard was convinced there is more to her disappearance.

Meanwhile, Ophelia went into Michael’s summerhouse and found Annabelle’s backpack under a pile of his books.

As Michael left his dad’s funeral he looked scared, as if he had just been caught out.

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Ophelia found a manuscript in Annabelle’s bag called The Ruin, and it transpired it was the same story as Michael’s, which was due to be published.

Michael had clearly plagiarised Annabelle’s work, renaming it The House at Knockdara and claiming it as his own.

With this in mind, fans believe Michael may have killed Annabelle in order to steal her work.

He had been extremely jealous of his wife, who was a well-known author, and he wanted success for himself.

Another huge plot twist at the end of the episode revealed Roisin could, in fact, be alive as she was spotted in her childhood bedroom.

Michael is looking like a suspect as he had lied to Ophelia about a number of things.

He had told her a doctor had asked her to take medication after she collapsed, however when Ophelia called the doctor to check out his story, the surgery said there was no-one of that name working there.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Michael is revealed as a killer in the finale episode.

Viewers have shared their thoughts on the spooky series on Twitter, with one saying: “Really enjoying #TheDeceived. Is the wife dead or alive?”.

The launch episode was Channel 5’s third most-watched show of the year.

The Deceived continues on Channel 5 at 9pm

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