'The Chi' Season 2 Episode 9: Does Emmett Have A Fourth Child on the Way?

In this episode of The Chi, Brandon received a visit at his food truck from Detective Alice Toussaint and found a best man for his wedding. Kevin got into trouble at school, so his mom grounded him. Emmett became the manager of Sonny’s BBQ and can finally pay child support for his three children, but could he have another baby on the way?

** SPOILER ALERT ** This article reveals information from The Chi Season 2 Episode 9.

Emmett became the manager of Sonny’s BBQ

The Chi Episode 8 ended with Emmett quitting the food truck business with Brandon to become the manager of Sonny’s. This episode begins with Emmett at the restaurant, taking orders, carrying out food to the customers, and helping Sonny understand the importance of customer complaints. Emmett also hung his “Employee of the Month” award on the wall for constant motivation.

While he’s working, the track coach that Kiesha is dating comes into Sonny’s to order food, with another young-looking girl who is not Kiesha. Emmett tells Sonny the guy is another “R. Kelly,” and Sonny tries to call the police, which Emmett stopped. Instead, he wanted to tell Kiesha himself what he saw.

Emmett told Brandon his idea, to which Brandon called dumb, and they enlisted Reg to help. Reg and his crew stopped the track coach while he was driving to the school, beat the daylights out of him, and stole his car. They wanted to “send a message” to him.

Emmett tried to get Kiesha back

Emmett and Kiesha used to be friends with benefits but called it off after she got a new boyfriend. The last time they talked was when Kiesha wanted “my daddy just died sex,” and Emmett wasn’t into it. However, after realizing her boyfriend is actually her track coach, Emmett started courting Kiesha. He surprised her at her school and gifted her with a rare pair of shoes she wanted.

Emmett then brought her to dinner at Brandon’s house, where Brandon served them as the resident chef. Kiesha said she felt terrible for accepting gifts from Emmett because she is not over her ex. She explained they broke up because he got beat up and his car stolen.

However, Emmett told her he missed his friend and wanted her to experience a real date. Even though Emmett may not have won Kiesha’s heart back immediately, Brandon did ask him to be his best man for his upcoming wedding.

Could Emmett have another child on the way?

Emmett finally has his life back on track, consistent money, and health insurance for his kids. He recently hooked up with his latest baby mama, Tiffany. She came to his job to tell him that her menstrual cycle is late and that she could be pregnant.

Emmett currently has three children and pays child support for all of them, so any additional child for Emmett is not financially feasible for him at the moment. Viewers should get an answer for the unconfirmed pregnancy before the season ends.

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