The Chase’s Shaun Wallace devastated as irreplaceable item smashed to pieces

The Chase legend has been left gutted after breaking sentimental item.

Shaun Wallace, otherwise known as The Dark Destroyer, revealed that he accidentally smashed his rare Mastermind trophy which he won back in 2004.

A source told The Sun: "Shaun is super proud of his win on Mastermind and thought it was a great prop to show the kids during his talk.

"He'd done it loads of times with no issues but things went horribly wrong on one visit. The glass trophy was dropped and smashed into a million pieces. It was a nightmare. As you can imagine, Shaun is gutted."

Sean, devastated by his beloved glass trophy smashing, reached out to bosses at the BBC to see if they could provide a replacement.

He was told that the trophies were no longer being made, however staff felt for Shaun and tried to work out if they could recreate a replacement.

The source also said that the BBC successfully tracked down the original trophy maker: "It took a lot of doing but they finally managed to locate them and asked for a new identical one to be made out of glass."

They said although it is great, it "doesn't have the same sentimental value", and that Shaun is planning on paying a visit to the popular show, The Repair Shop, to see if they can do anything with the broken pieces of the original.

Shaun has been a fan-favourite ever since he joined The Chase in 2009 alongside the greats Paul Sinha, Mark Labbett and Anne Hegerty. Also with the two newest brainy additions, Jenny Ryan and Darragh Ennis.

The Dark Destroyer also appears on the newest version of the Chase airing this week, Beat The Chasers, where all the chasers take one one member of the public where they could win a big sum of money.

Sadly it was revealed that Anne, The Governess, sadly had contracted Covid-19 and therefore has been temporarily replaced with quiz genius Issa Schultz.

It comes after she exclusively told Daily Star that Mastermind is "too much work" at the MEN Pride of Manchester Awards.

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