The Chase beauty wows fans but leaves them fuming with underwhelming performance

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One 'beautiful' player on Wednesday night's instalment of The Chase had viewers at home enraged at her underwhelming performance during her Cashbuilder round.

Emma introduced herself as a Masters student, studying psychoanalysis – but failed to score more than £1,000 in her Cashbuilder round.

But the fiery red-head had viewers distracted with her good looks, as she stunned in a white blouse dotted with black flowers.

She missed out on a few questions during her quick-fire session against Chaser Shaun Wallace, AKA The Dark Destroyer, and answered 'pass' for many more.

And, when Shaun offered her a high offer of £10,000 and a low of just £500, Emma opted to go low to be within the best chance of returning to her team for the Final Chase.

But, unfortunately, Shaun had her beat with a sports-related question, and she was ousted from the programme with no extra money in her pocket – with Bradley cheekily instructing her to "psychoanalyse the questions" as she was booted off.

Viewers quickly flocked to social media to rant about her performance, with one writing: "Come on gal, at least £1,000!"

Someone else chipped in: "Psychoanalysing the questions… or, pass pass pass to you and me #TheChase", as a third echoed: "I dare you to say 'pass' one more time! Do it #TheChase."

"Don't worry Emma you've still got a Masters at the end of the day lol!" another encouraged.

But others were more concerned with Emma's 'beautiful' appearance, with one writing: "Emma from The Chase you are so beautiful I am free every day this week!"

"Emma has gorgeous hair!" someone else commented.

And more found themselves distracted as Emma discussed her penchant for ballet, with one writing: "Emma in a tutu. Now there's a thought! #TheChase."

Emma admitted she wanted to spend her potential winnings on a Mulberry handbag, but Chaser Shaun wasn't having any of it, as he teased: "Never mind a Mulberry handbag, you'll barely be able to afford a Tesco carrier bag!"

And she confused fans even further as host Bradley Walsh begged her to psychoanalyse him on the show ahead of her quizzing demonstration.

"On telly? Are you sure?" Emma giggled, as she nervously hedged: "I think it takes a special type of person to put themselves in front of a camera."

And she later teased Bradley: "If I work out an invoice for you, we can work through your issues. It'll take months!"

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