The Boys fans horrified as Stormfront exposed as genocidal racist – branding her 'even more evil than Homelander'

THE Boys' cast of superheroes are known for their questionable morals, but the latest episode saw one Vought star sink to a disturbing new low.

Stormfront (Aya Cash) made waves as soon as she joined The Seven, proving to be far less concerned with keeping up appearanced that her fellow heroes.

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From live-streaming private conversations to making fun of Starlight's skimpy costume, Stormfront has taken pride in being disruptive.

However, an altogether darker side of her personality emerged in episode 3 as she gave chase to Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and her brother.

After smashing through an apartment block she appeared to delight in murdering every person of colour in sight, including an unsuspecting black family.

Then as she broke the neck of Kimiko's brother, she called him a "f***ing yellow bastard" – cementing her racist views.

Clash admitted that prejudice was a major part of Stormfront in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"I knew in the comics that [Stormfront] was a male, he had been a part of Nazi youth and that was a big part of the character, and that I was going to play a bad guy with a capital B," she explained.

"My agents actually were like, 'You need to figure out if this is something you wanna do,'" she went on, bus stressed she had faith in the production team.

She continued: "I think the only reason people are nervous or skittish about this is because it feels so real versus the bad guy [Homelander] who lets the plane with all the children [go down] – which is also a character on this show and nobody seems to ask that question: 'Are you worried about being that kind of bad guy?'

"We had a meeting before I auditioned. I basically said, 'I would do this job as long as the showrunner is smarter than me,'" she added.

"We sat down and we talked. He knows what he's talking about. We can have a dialogue about extremism and about racism and it's gonna be done in a way that both honours what is true in that and also has some fun with it because this is a satire.

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"This is something that turns things on its head."

Suffice to say fans had some pretty strong opinions about the character after the sickening scenes.

"Okay Stormfront is a stone cold racist b***h, seriously think she might be even more evil than Homelander," one Twitter user wrote.

"RACISM ALERT – no need for her to fry that black family and don't even get me started on the slurs," a second chimed in.

"Already f***inglove to hate Stormfront. Was waiting for her to show her true Nazi face," a third chimed in.

While a fourth quipped: "The Seven is rotten to the core, can't cope with Stromfromt's blatant racism."

The furore comes after fans were left "vomiting" as Gecko allowed a stranger to hack off his arm for money.

The Boys is available to stream on Amazon Prime now.

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