The Best Memes from 'The Bachelorette' Season 15, Episode 8

Y’ALL. Even though it feels like Alabama Hannah just started her journey for ~lurve~, we’re actually ONE WEEK from hometown dates! The bad news: Jed-with-the-girlfriend got the first one-on-one date and a rose, meaning that he’ll be introducing Hannah to his fam, and hopefully they’ll be like, ‘uh, son, weren’t you dating that other woman last month?’ Even worse news: Pathological liar/slut shamer Luke P also got a hometown date rose, cause Hannah still somehow can’t see how yuck that dude is. And finally, some good news: I put together the best memes from tonight’s episode to temporarily take your mind off of the fact that Hannah has a 50/50 chance of getting engaged to one of the season’s villains. You’re welcome!

First, the people were NOT happy that Jed (again, who HAS A GIRLFRIEND), got the first one on one date and Hannah, bless her, told Jed that she was falling in love with him:

“to our relationship being written in the stars” #thebachelorette

me watching jed act all sweet with hannah knowing that he’s actually a dirty lying whore #thebachelorette

jed: *breathes*
all of bachelor nation: #TheBachelorette

There were so many great Tyler C moments from his one on one date, like him admitting that he’s scared of horses (lol) and watching him not be able to stomach pickled herring. And even though Tyler basically threw up on national television, Twitter is still thirsty for it:

Me watching Tyler open up about his past and show his emotional awareness and maturity #thebachelorette

Me watching Tyler throw up:

tyler c: DOES LITERALLY ANYTHING, moves, breathes


People were also like, “lol, what??” at that little Hannah-looks-at-art sequence before the second half of her one-on-one with Mike:

Y’all even the painting are judging Hannah’s decisions at this point #TheBachelorette

No one:
The bachelorette:

“Jed’s using you, Hannah” #theBachelorette

And P.S. no one was happy when Mike got sent home:

is it possible that I’m more heartbroken than Hannah about Mike!? #TheBachelorette

Me trying to find any flaws with Mike: #TheBachelorette

Mike literally said “take your time” and gave Hannah a hug as she was breaking up with him. MIKE DESERVES BETTER #thebachelorette

And obviously, people still hate Luke for many reasons, including his manipulative/borderline violent behavior on the group date tonight:

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized for having to watch Luke manipulate Hannah and get away with it #TheBachelorette

hannah: luke will u accept this rose

all of bachelor nation:#thebachelorette

Bachelor Nation: “Luke P. is officially the most hated in the history of the show!”

Juan Pablo & Arie: #TheBachelorette

But Tweeter loved that little moment of bromance when Tyler C ran and jumped into Pete’s arms at the end of the episode:

Tyler doing the Hannah B. jump when Peter comes through the door!!! #thebachelorette

Tyler’s reaction to Peter getting a rose #thebachelorette

Oh, and Hannah’s windmill comment did NOT go unnoticed:

Until next week.. #TheBachelorette

Searching for my very own windmill in the tri-state area #TheBachelorette

Me trying to figure out who has the date in the windmill #TheBachelorette

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