The Apprentice’s Lottie Lion says she ‘feels sick’ about tonight's 'best bits' show – a year on from racism row

APPRENTICE star Lottie Lion has revealed her torment ahead of the show’s return tonight.

Lord Sugar is fronting a new series of the BBC1 show – Apprentice Best Bits – which will feature highlights from years gone by after this year’s boardroom-battle was scrapped due to Covid.

And Lottie, 20, is likely to feature. She became one of the show’s most controversial stets after reportedly having a fling with co-star Lewis Ellis and then becoming embroiled in a racism row.

In a message posted on Twitter earlier today the 20-year-old librarian said she was dreading the show’s return.

She said: “Genuinely feel sick about tonight, after a whole year’s passed, The Apprentice is back on.

"After a few emails, I believe and hope I won’t be a part of this spin-off. I wish all of the other candidates the best though and hope they enjoy reliving their memories."

She was plunged into a racism row after telling Asian rival Lubna Farhan: “Shut up, Gandhi" after clashing on the show.

Posh Lottie warned Apprentice rival Lubna Farhan she would knock her out as tensions spilled over in a WhatsApp chat. The librarian told Lubna: “I’ll f*** you up” and vowed: “Uppercut to the jaw and she’s sorted”.

Last month Lottie admitted she is scared to go out in public because she keeps being targeted by trolls.

She shared a video of herself in tears on Saturday after being confronted in a pub over her stint on the BBC show.

She said being on the show was her "biggest regret".

Speaking last month she said: "It's nearly been a year since The Apprentice aired and I'm still getting abuse in pubs and stuff.

"It's absolutely destroying me and I don't know what to do. It makes me terrified to go out in public.

"What am I supposed to do, not go? Am I supposed to just stay inside and not live my life? I don't know what to do any more. I can't cope with it. I can't cope with any more nastiness about me."

“I hate myself more than any of you ever could. When you tell me how much you hated me, or how annoying you found me and how nasty I was…I know.”

"I just went on a programme, I wish that I hadn't, its my biggest regret…just leave me alone."

Lottie pleaded with the public to treat her with more kindness, saying: "please be kinder".

Her former co-star Thomas Skinner has since reached out to offer her support.

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