The Apprentice viewers spot huge ‘safety blunder’ during first task

The Apprentice: BBC releases first trailer for 2023 series

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On Thursday evening, the new series of BBC’s hit show The Apprentice made its return. With 18 contestants taking part in the show this year, the hopeful entrepreneurs must do all they can to impress Lord Sugar. However, viewers were left concerned after a seemingly crucial item of protective gear was missing in one of the challenges.

After welcoming this year’s candidates into the boardroom, Lord Sugar revealed they would all be jet-setting to the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Being split into two teams, one with the women and the other with the men, the groups were tasked with selling and running bespoke tours for holidaymakers.

For the women’s team, they decided to run a boat tour along with a pottery class and managed to successfully sell 12 out of a possible 16 tickets.

Although when the four members of the group were giving the tour, with life jackets on, viewers were quick to notice that the tourists onboard were not wearing them.

It wasn’t long before fans of the show were quick to point out the safety error on social media with some questioning why their customers didn’t have one.

Salwexeya commented: “Why are the girls in life jackets but not the customers? #TheApprentice”

MTaylorRacing asked: “Why do the girls have life jackets on the whole time but the guests don’t? [sic] #bbcapprentice #theapprentice”

BeckyMollon added: “If I was on a tour where the guides were wearing life jackets for the whole thing and I wasn’t, I’d be worried. #TheApprentice.”

Dealzjr said: “The girl’s team candidates wearing life jackets but their customers NOT is incredible hahaha they said if you drown that’s a you problem, you’ve already paid, no refunds for the dead #TheApprentice”

TrevorAKP questioned: “Why are they wearing life jackets but haven’t given the people on the tour their own? #TheApprentice”

With SamCEllis swiped: “We’re your tour guides, and we’ll be wearing life jackets for the duration of this trip. Unfortunately, you’ll be left to drown” #TheApprentice”

After both teams had completed their tours, it was time for them all to head back to London to discover how they did and which team would be taking the first victory.

With Claude Littner overseeing the women’s team, he informed Lord Sugar that their total spend was $960 with them taking a total of $1,447.50.

As no refunds were issued to their customers, they managed to get an overall profit of $487.50.

Sharing the results for the men’s team, Karen Brady revealed that their total spend was more than the girls at $1,200.

However, they managed to make a huge $2,189 with nobody asking for money back which gave them a profit of $989.

With the women’s team losing the first task, it was time to decide which two other candidates would be joining team leader and Online Sweet Business owner Victoria Goulbourne.

After choosing Marnie Swindells and Emma Browne, the three women then had to persuade Lord Sugar that they shouldn’t be sent home after their performance in the first challenge.

In the end, it was Account Executive Emma who found herself being first to leave the competition after she was called “destructive” by the group following an argument on the beach in Antigua.

The Apprentice continues Thursdays on BBC One from 9pm

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