The Apprentice star Amy Anzel speaks out after Lord Sugar firing: ‘BS reason!’

The Apprentice: Francesca is fired by Alan Sugar

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The Apprentice’s sixth contestant Amy Anzel was fired from the BBC show after Lord Alan Sugar commented that she avoided the spotlight and wasn’t pulling her weight during the tasks. During an exclusive interview, Amy opened up about the harsh comments and branded his reasoning “BS”, and revealed she thought she had much more to offer.

Speaking to and other press, Amy was asked how she felt about the comments that were made about her avoiding the spotlight.

She explained: “I’d like him to tell me how I was avoiding the spotlight if your sub-team leader, four out of six tasks, I don’t think that’s hiding.

“It’s sort of like being Vice President, it’s a big role, and I took it on happily that’s 67 per cent of my time on the show, how could that not have been seen in a positive way?

“He kind of twisted it to make it seem like I was hiding in that role when I wasn’t, and he actually was the one that continually said, ‘Make sure the task is synergistic with your skillset and background before you be PM [Project Manager] don’t be PM for the sake of it.’

“I thought I was doing just that; I put myself up as PM in the toothbrush task because I’ve manufactured beauty tools and devices that have a sonic element to it,” Amy said.

Continuing her thoughts, she said: “I’ve pitched to buyers before, so I just thought, I don’t know what he’s talking about, it didn’t make sense to me.

“After I was fired, I was just going over and over and over thinking ‘I don’t understand that reasoning, it just does not make sense’.

“He said it didn’t stack up, but I thought ‘Well, your reason for firing me doesn’t stack up’ I just don’t get it.

“So, you know, like I said, I’ve never seen someone be fired for that reason before, and I thought I just had more time, I didn’t think there was like a cut-off.

“Especially as I was continually contributing, and, you know, making significant contributions so I think it’s a kind of BS reason.

“Perhaps a slightly made-up reason to get me out because maybe he just didn’t see me as a business partner.

“And that’s okay, but I would rather him have said, ‘I just see you as a business partner’,” she wished.

During the episode, Lord Alan told Amy: “You’re avoiding the spotlight the way that Dracula avoids sunbathing.

“You dodged the project management side of things, you’ve been here six weeks to show that you can do something.

“You haven’t shown me you can do something. And so it is with regret that you’re fired. Thank you.”

Amy is the founder of Hollywood Browzer, a US-based cosmetics brand that she wanted help from Lord Sugar to expand her business.

Whilst speaking during the press event, Amy gave her opinion on Alan Sugar’s social media presence and PR stunts, branding him “extreme”.

“No, I think you have to be careful on social media. There will always be a backlash, I mean, you’re never gonna make everyone happy.

“But I think he’s a bit too outspoken in my opinion, sometimes it’s a bit harsh or nasty, I personally wouldn’t be like that.

“I don’t think you get anywhere in life by being like that, but you know, look where he is, so I do think he’s harsh and a bit, I think he’s a bit extreme at times, and it’s not my style.”

The Apprentice airs Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.

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