Teen Mom's pregnant Cheyenne Floyd shares photo of bare belly and admits 'our little guy has me feeling sick'

TEEN Mom's pregnant Cheyenne Floyd shared a photo of bare belly and admitted that "our little guy has me feeling sick."

The expectant mom already has her nursery set up for her baby boy as she is just a few weeks away from giving birth.

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Cheyenne, 28, took to social media on Saturday to share a closer look at her growing belly as she rested in bed.

The Teen Mom OG star wrote: "Been in bed all day …

"Our little guy has me feeling sick."

As she then focused on her belly, she wrote: "My view."

Most recently, Cheyenne gave a sneak peek at her brand new baby nursery as she prepares for her first son with boyfriend Zach Davis.

The soon-to-be mom of two went for a muted gray-blue theme with lovely moon accents to create a soft space ambiance.

The cream-colored rocking chair held a cute white cloud pillow, while a crescent shelf and smiling moon artwork looked over the room.

The crib was covered in a blanket with speckled accents, and the excited young mom captioned her shot: "30 weeks today. Nursery is almost done."

In a separate image, Cheyenne gave more information about where she purchased the decorations, writing: "Pottery Barn Kids (I love their stuff but they have terrible customer service..I've been waiting for Ryder's room furniture since December)."

In the new photo she added a bouncy chair for her first son, and also let her followers know that the crib was previously her daughter Ryder's.

"This is Ryder's old was a gift don't remember where they got it from," she admitted.

Cheyenne and her boyfriend Zach, who have been on and off since high school, first announced their pregnancy in December of 2020.

The couple have been considering taking their relationship to the next step of late, after booking an appointment to look at potential engagement rings.

During the virtual meeting last week, the couple viewed a stunning 3-carat diamond ring worth $60,000.

After hearing the price, Zach replied: "Hear that?" to which she responded: "You have a lot to think about."

Cheyenne has been feeling the pressure from family to seal the deal with Zach, though she recently advised her parents to wait for her man to make the first move.

"I think we have to wait for him to propose. If he wants to propose, let's let the man have a chance to do so," she told her father.

The couple later discussed their plans, as the TV personality told her boyfriend: "I don't want you to feel rushed, I don't want you to feel like it was a pressured situation.

"I don't want us to look back and say we only got married because our families pressured us.

"But at the same time, I really wanted to be married before I had a second child, I want to do differently than I did with Ryder," she confessed.

"Part of me wanted to be different for my parents. A part of me feels a little bit like I'm disappointing them," she explained in a tearful moment.

Though Zach replied that he doesn't want to rush their special moment, he did claim that there would "definitely be an engagement before the baby."

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