Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason claims he will have 'son Kaden back' as he slams baby momma as 'cold'

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evan's husband David Eason called his first baby mama "cold hearted" as their custody battle heats up.

The embattled reality star took to his Instagram to vent his frustration at not having custody of his son Kaden, but promised he would be "back in my arms" soon.

David, 32, lost custody of Kaden in 2014 when the boy was just 10 months old.

His mom, Olivia Leedham, was awarded full custody of Kaden after David was found to have committed domestic violence and 'endagering' Kaden's life during their relationship.

David was also given a no contact order and has since petitioned the courts multiple times to get custody of Kaden, and in 2018 was allowed to see him every other weekend.

But in a recent social media rant, David shared multiple posts and photos of his son, suggesting he would have custody again.

"When the best moments are missed for years on end because of a grudge, you know you're obsessively controlling," he wrote on Instagram stories alongside a collage of photos of Kaden.

In another post he wrote: "Just a few more months and I will have my son back in my arms! It's been too long! I never knew anyone could be so cold hearted as to alienate my son from me but the truth always comes out and justice prevails!"

In 2019, Olivia started a GoFundMe to help pay her legal fees as she battles David in court.

That led to him calling his former baby mama an “alcoholic, cheater, drug addict, scam artist and spouse abuser.”

David shares daughter Ensley, three, with wife Jenelle who is also mom to 11-year-old Jace, and 6-year-old Kaiser.

David is also dad to Maryssa from previous relationships.

David was dropped from Teen Mom by MTV in 2018 after making "homophobic" comments and Jenelle was axed a year later after David shot and killed her dog for apparently nipping at their daughter Ensley, 3.

Following the shocking incident, their kids were temporarily taken into custody by the CPS.

He is no stranger to getting into trouble for his love of firearms.

Just last week Tik Tok temporarily banned Jenelle's Tik Tok account after David could be seen wearing a holstered revolver while around his kids at home.

Back in June, David was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he threatened Jenelle's friend, James Spivey, with his gun.

The father of two told James he would "blow your f**king brains out" and allegedly hit him on the back of his neck and on his back with the gun.

The assault charges were dropped in August, as James exclusively told The Sun he was "done" with the troubled pair.

Meanwhile, in September David sparked outrage after killing the family's pet goat Elvis and posting a disturbing video showing him eating it.

The goat, which Jenelle's kids had "loved," was born on their farm last year and raised by the family.

David bit into the grilled meat and said, "This is Elvis, the little baby we had last year," before sharing a gruesome photo of Elvis' severed head in the trash.


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