Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slams trolls for 'dragging me across the floor' over outings with four sons during Covid pandemic

KAILYN Lowry has roasted fans for their insistent badgering of her family outings during the Covid pandemic.

The Teen Mom star put trolls in their place after they've spent months harassing her for leaving the house during the quarantine.

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Kailyn, 28, hopped on her Instagram stories to clap back at the internet haters for their negative comments on her photos.

"So I am doing this story because I keep seeing trolls on Instagram pretty much drag me across the floor for doing anything during Covid in this whole pandemic," she began.

"So I just want to reiterate the fact that I get tested and so do my kids three times a week, and that all being said any person that I film with on the show for Teen Mom next season they're also being tested three times before they come film with me in person.

"So that is why any meetings that you guys see with my builder or anything that I do for the podcast, every single person that I film with has been tested three times prior to filming," she continued.

"So I just wanted this to be a little PSA for the trolls and the people that love to literally pick apart everything that I do.

"So just let that be known now and save this for when Teen Mom airs," she laughed before adding: "I'm really over being dragged for doing things during Covid and the pandemic and stuff because we are trying really hard to be safe.

"The next post you guy want to drag me for taking my kids somewhere or anything just wanted to come on here and say that," she closed.

This isn't the first time Kailyn has experienced backlash from the public on her Covid parenting decisions.

Earlier this month the mom of four revealed that she's "sick of getting attacked" after she brought her kids to a fun day at a waterpark.

The MTV star discussed the "irritating" situation on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast where she claimed she and her four sons get tested regularly for the virus.

"The trolls… it's irritating because it's always me.

"It's okay when other people go and do stuff but its never okay for me to do it. The fact that we all get tested three times a week…

"I'm really sick of being attacked for doing the same things that everyone else is doing. It's not normal."

The reality star did mention that she's been doing her best to not engage because previously she felt she was "an easy target probably because I always fight back."

"I've stayed off the troll pages a lot," she added.

"I've been working really hard to not respond to things, not giving comments to things that are unnecessary, reacting privately."

Fans have come down on the Teen Mom star for visiting a salon several times during the quarantine and consistently failing to wear a face mask while doing so.

Kailyn has four children Isaac, 10, Lincoln, seven, Lux, three, and Creed, five months, that she shares with three different fathers.

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