Teen Mom fans cringe over Amber Portwood's 'awkward' dinner with estranged daughter Leah, 12, after months apart

TEEN Mom fans couldn't help but cringe over Amber Portwood's "awkward" dinner with her estranged daughter, Leah, after they spent months apart.

Recently, the reality star admitted the 12-year-old refused to accept her apology for all her past mistakes.

In a scene from an upcoming Teen Mom OG episode, Amber arrives at her ex first baby daddy Gary Shirley's house in order to have some dinner with him, his wife Kristina, their daughter Emilee, and Leah.

As soon as Amber walks in the home there is quiet, as she waves at Leah from a distance and says, "Hello."

"Next to Kristina works," Gary tells his ex as she approaches the dinner table where the preteen is sitting.

The MTV star then starts to chat it up with Kristina: "It's so odd because there's no one in my house. Like living alone for 16 months has been amazing. I've been really figuring things out… it feels peaceful, I think.

As Leah grabs a DVD from Emiliee's hands, Amber goes: "What's that," to which her eldest child responds, "a movie."

"Yeah, I know that… what's it about?" Amber says, as Leah pauses and responds, "Stuff…"

After a brief silence, Amber tells the family: "I'm so sorry, guys, I am like so tired," before making her way out of the home and saying, "bye" out loud.

In the car alone, Amber vents to herself: "I don't know what the point of this was… driving 40 something minutes, so that's cool."

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Fans were quick to react in the comments section, as one person wrote: "This is the most awkward and uncomfortable dinner and I’m not even at the table with them."

Another chimed in: "Amber didn’t greet or hug her daughter after crying about not seeing her! Then she brags about how great it is to live alone…"

A third person raged: "Amber didn't even greet Leah when she walked in. Should of walked up to her and hugged her tight then talked.."


Last month, Amber made an apology to Leah to say sorry for all of her mistakes in the past, however, it was not received well.

The 31-year-old narrated a clip: “After months of not talking, Gary and I have started communicating via text, but I still want to speak to Leah and Kristina.”

She then admitted to her producer: “I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m still trying, but it’s very unwelcoming, is all I can say.

“I sent a video apology, but I didn’t get a response. I got something from Gary that day saying that they watched it.”

Amber added: "… I just want my relationship with my daughter. She is losing time with her mom, and she’s not wanting time with her mom.”

Meanwhile at Gary and Kristina's house, they explained that Amber's mistakes shouldn't define their relationship.

"I can't love somebody who tries to hurt other people," Leah responded.


Amber has feuded with Kristina in the past, as she called her a "homewrecking w**re."

The TV star is also not seeing eye-to-eye with her second baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

In an exclusive with The Sun, Andrew alleged Amber abused meth and used other drugs while pregnant with their son.

Amber and Andrew, 37, have been in a nasty custody war over their son James, three, since their split in 2019.

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