Teen Mom Briana DeJesus shares raunchy photo of her feet for OnlyFans after asking fans if she should suck her own toes

TEEN Mom Briana DeJesus shared a raunchy photo of her feet for OnlyFans after she asked fans if she should suck her own toes.

The reality TV star has been making up to $10K a week as she shares sexy content on the social media platform.

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Briana, 26, shared on her Instagram stories a sneak peek of her upcoming content for OnlyFans.

The mom of two had her legs spread apart but her toes pressed together while showing off her white nail polish.

Her feet were also pressed against a white, shaggy rug while the room remained dark.

Amid her money issues with her baby daddies Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez, Briana has resorted to posting content on OnlyFans to rack up more money for her daughters, as well as her plastic surgeries and brand new dogs.

She admitted she's "thirsty for money" and is trying to "buy a second home."

Briana bumped her monthly subscription up to $12.99 after initially charging fans $9.99 to get "personal" photos and videos of her.

The TV personality firmly draws the line at nude content, but has been sharing clips of her feet as well as raunchy lingerie videos.

She's gone as far as asking her fans if they want to see her sucking her own toes, knowing that there's a lucrative market in those with feet fetishes.

Briana's new OnlyFans gig comes after she revealed back in February that she was saying "goodbye" to her body and heading to Miami to get a boob job.

"Really can’t believe I'm about to get some new t**ties again. Pray for me yalllllll," she gushed on Twitter about the appointment.

The reality star told fans she was getting a "mommy makeover."

She has since been showing off her new bod on social media.

In the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, which premieres next month, Briana will be introducing the world to her new man, Javi Gonzales.

Briana revealed the two were dating last fall, and in October, she called him her “future baby daddy,” after he bought her a pair of $70 crocs.

The mom to Nova, nine, and Stella, three, tweeted last January: “My new bae low key lit but let me keep this to myself.”

In the promo, she asks Javi, who appears to be tattooing her, "Will you hold my hand?"

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