Teen Mom 2's fired Jenelle Evans claims the MTV show is 'very scripted' and 'producers feed lines to cast members'

JENELLE Evans recently made new accusations about MTV's secrets, as she shared a TikTok claiming Teen Mom is "very scripted" and stars are "fed lines."

The Teen Mom star was fired from the network in February 2018, after her husband, David Eason, shot and killed their family dog.

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Jenelle, 29, is an active TikTok user, and regularly shares insight on her life before and after the MTV show.

Earlier today, the mom of three uploaded a "duet" to the video-sharing app, where she answered "true or false" to another user's "10 Facts About #TeenMom ."

As the original creator went through many unknown facts about the 16 & Pregnant spinoff, Jenelle chimed in, admitting most of the outrageous comments were true.

Halfway through the video the speaker shared: "At times the show is very scripted," to which Jenelle interrupted and added: "It can be."

The video creator then continued: "and sometimes producers feed lines to cast members," and Jenelle replied matter-of-factly: "True."

The reality star captioned her clip: "#duet with @laur_ennnnn 10 facts about #TeenMom. This was VERY accurate."

This isn't the first time a cast member has made an integrity claim on the long-running program.

Earlier this month, Teen Mom 2 star Charita Austin, 50, claimed that her granddaughter Nova, 9, has been "fed lines" by the producers.

Charita is Devoin Austin's mother, Briana DeJesus' baby daddy, and Nova's father.

The concerned grandparent exclusively told The Sun that she was worried the show's intent was to "confuse" the child and make her “anxious.”

She added that they've attempted to convince her that she's "not close" to Devoin's side of the family.

Charita explained that viewing her granddaughter on TV is a “painful” experience, and she wishes Nova was “no longer involved in the show.”

“It's painful for me to watch Nova in the show now. She has to try to remember her lines, what the producers are telling her to say.

“If you watch some recent episodes you can see Nova struggling to understand what is happening," she deciphered.

Devoin's mother continued: "I saw her answer a question, and then had to change her answer to fit the script! It happened several times. Anyone watching saw that.

“In one episode, Briana was telling Nova ‘you’re going to your grandmother’s for the first time.’

“That was talking about me but she has been to see me many times.

"I'm worried it's making her confused and anxious she is not close to her daddy's family," she confided.

Charita then expressed uneasiness that other kids at school would give Nova a hard time for her role on MTV.

“I wish that she wasn’t in the show, that she was left out of it now. And I worry about what things are like for her at school," she admitted.

“She’s nine now, and I am sure the other kids bring up the show. But what’s going to happen when she’s older, when she’s 13, when she’s a teenager?

“It’s hard enough just being a teenager these days without all the drama of the show. The other kids are sure going to bring it up when she’s older.

“That’s what makes me concerned about all the drama that’s being created for the show now," she closed.

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