Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer falls into the pool as she tries to be responsible

Leah Messer is planning on going on vacation shortly with her Teen Mom 2 co-star, Kailyn Lowry, and she’s trying to be a responsible homeowner before leaving for her trip.

This weekend, she shared a video of herself trying to put a cover on her pool to ensure that no one and nothing gets into the pool while she’s gone. The cover will keep animals from drowning and will keep the pool clean from leaves, branches, grass, and other things that may drop into the water while she’s gone.

As she steps onto the ladder, you can see that it starts to move and tilt a bit. While it looks like the ladder may fall over to the side, it actually ends up tipping into the pool.

Leah falls into the pool head first and her mother can’t stop laughing at her. At least, Leah was able to get out of the pool and she was unhurt, but it may be a good idea to secure that ladder in case her children use it often and could fall in themselves.

Leah and Kailyn Lowry are excited to take yet another trip together. Leah and Kailyn have been planning a trip to Hawaii with all of the kids and they are excited to go. The last trip they took was without the kids.

While Kailyn has tweeted about the trip, Leah has kept somewhat quiet about everything. The Teen Mom 2 stars are often criticized for abandoning their children when they go on moms-only trips, so this time they are bringing their kids. It’s uncertain what kids get to go and if it will be Leah, Kailyn and all of their six children.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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