'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus Says She Wants to 'Spit' on Kailyn Lowry After Lawsuit Victory

Teen Mom 2 regular Kailyn Lowry sued co-star Briana DeJesus for defamation. However, the latter came out as the victor. Using a picture of a contract in which Lowry reportedly agreed to pay the reality star’s legal fees, DeJesus sent a scathing message to her co-star.

Briana DeJesus says she wants to ‘spit’ on ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Kailyn Lowry

Shortly before her party celebrating her legal win against Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry, Orlando native Briana DeJesus posted a scathing message about the reality star on her Instagram story.

She uploaded a zoomed-in picture of their contract, showcasing Lowry’s signature and the date May 13. Written across the photo, DeJesus claimed it wasn’t “OK to use the court system to bully someone.” She continued, “when you signed this agreement to pay my lawyer fees, I hope you felt like complete s–t.”

The reality star ended her message with a slew of insults, adding, “f–k you, you can suck my d–k. I hope I get to see you so I can spit on your face.” The Teen Mom stars have gone back-and-forth online since the dismissal of Lowry’s defamation lawsuit, as DeJesus demands her co-star cover her $120,000 lawyer fees.

However, the podcaster has recently obtained new legal counsel, suggesting she will continue fighting the case. Additionally, someone who is a part of Lowry’s fan page leaked DeJesus’s address, throwing fuel on the fire as the Orlando native blamed her co-star. 

Briana DeJesus had a party to celebrate her legal win against Kailyn Lowry

The original Teen Mom 2 cast member sued DeJesus in July 2021 for defamation as the reality star publicly claimed she physically assaulted the father of her two youngest sons, Chris Lopez.

In April 2022, a judge noted the reality star was arrested for “offensive touching” as suggested and tossed out the case, declaring DeJesus as the victor. According to the ruling, DeJesus’s addition of Lowry supposedly breaking into the house before she assaulted her ex didn’t change the “overall fact” or “add damage.”

Additionally, the Orlando native proved she repeated information her friend, Lopez, told her, which doesn’t prove she had “malicious intent.” Following the decision, DeJesus announced a huge party to celebrate her win.

It occurred on May 14, and co-star Jade Cline helped her with decorations that included “case closed” spelled out on balloons.” The father of her youngest child, Luis Hernandez, served as the DJ, and alum Jenelle (Evans) Eason attended. Fans suspect MTV might be filming the bash as they spotted a microphone pack on DeJesus’s sister, Brittany.

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus’s lawsuit was featured in ‘Teen Mom 2’

Teen Mom 2 returned with season 11 in March 2022. DeJesus discussed the lawsuit as she had to obtain lawyers. Additionally, shortly after getting served with the case, the reality star decided to meet up with Lopez to film an episode of his podcast, which the cameras followed.

Lowry didn’t speak about the case much, only noted that she felt she had to do it to stop lies from being spread about her. The lawsuit amped up at the end of the season when the podcaster wanted to know if DeJesus and Lopez had sex.

After it was rejected and Lopez “threw her under the bus” in his deposition, the Orlando native noticed Lowry implied her ex and co-star hooked up on social media.

Therefore, DeJesus mailed Lowry a treadmill in a mean-spirited joke as she claimed she wanted the reality star to “run miles, not your mouth.” Lowry posted it on social media and talked about it during Teen Mom OG cast member Cheyenne Floyd’s podcast, annoying DeJesus. Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV.

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