Tearful Emmerdale scenes as Faith signs over her life and Chas receives a shock

Faith (Sally Dexter) decides to make a huge decision while she still can in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale. She realises that control of her life is slipping away bit by bit after Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) forbid her from seeing her grandchildren on her own.

In the aftermath of this, she signs a DNR form which means if she stops breathing or her heart stops beating a medical team wouldn’t attempt to do CPR. In order to make sure her wishes are carried out, she decides to set up a lasting power of attorney – and gives this responsibility to Cain.

Chas is upset by this as she feels pushed out in favour of her brother, but accepts it for Faith’s sake. Both she and Cain are upset at the thought that soon Faith won’t be able to make her own decisions.

It’s distressing for Faith too, obviously. Later, Cain is going through Faith’s wishes with her to make sure he understands everything she wants him to do, and Faith becomes overwhelmed by the situation.

She starts to get confused, believing that Cain is her late husband the violent, alcoholic Shadrach, and wields a frying pan at him, screaming at him to get away.

Cain struggles to hold it together, powerless to help his mum in her distress.

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