Survivor star dishes dirt on UTIs after having to wear same knickers for 32 days

A reality TV show contestant claims she and other women got UTIs after having to wear the same knickers for more than a month.

Lauren-Ashley Beck, who was in the 2019 season of Survivor: Island of the Idols, says she and four other women developed infections due to the brutal one-pair-of-undies rule.

In a TikTokvideo responding to a question from a fan about the unhygienic practice, she says: "Wearing panties for 38 days straight… yes you do that.

"Luckily, or unluckily, I got a UTI (urinary tract infection) on my day 32 along with a few other women.

"They (producers) did have new underwear for us but to throw in a little razzle-dazzle they stepped on them in the dirt and then made us wear them."

In the comments, Lauren says she was given antibiotics to treat the infection and the contestants developed a method dubbed "free lipping" where they'd avoid wearing pants.

The video has been watched more than half a million times since Lauren uploaded it on Wednesday (December 8) and viewers were gobsmacked about the dirty pants rule.

One person commented: "I kinda feel like survivor should let people bring a couple of articles of each clothing and at the very least wash people's underwear."

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"That sounds illegal," joked a second, while a third branded the rule "straight-up sadistic".

Someone else pleased with Lauren: "Say you’re lying right now… please tell me they didn’t actually step on them."

Lauren replied: "I think being honest all of the time is probably my biggest weakness."

Survivor is a reality show by CBS that has been running since the year 2000 and is now on its 41st season.

It features 18 contestants, or "castaways", who are stranded on a remote island and have to overcome challenges and stay in the game by forging friendships and alliances with each other.

The winner walks away with $1 million (£753,000).

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