Strictly star Neil Jones' cheating ex Luisa Euisse returns to Colombia after their split

STRICTLY Come Dancing star Neil Jones' cheating girlfriend Luisa Eusse has returned to Colombia following their split.  

Last week, Luisa became notably absent from social media and deleted her Instagram after Neil, 38, admitted their relationship "wasn't perfect".

But yesterday, the South American beauty reactivated her account and shared an Instagram story of her stepping into London City airport.

In her story, she wrote: "Colombia or whaaaaaat???"

Luisa also posted a video of her smiling with another message which appeared to refer to recent news reports.

She penned: "If you take everything personal you will live offended, remember that people do not do things to you, people do things and you decide if they offend you or not."

Her social media activity comes after The Sun revealed that Luisa told pals "she is single" and had moved out of the pro dancer’s London flat over two weeks ago.

Luisa filmed herself at an illegal party in the capital on Friday night where she was seen drinking and dancing with around 15 other revellers.

Neil, 38, who started dating Luisa this summer, was not present at the bash.

A pal said: “Luisa has told people she is single. Her and Neil’s relationship had become complicated and they are both at very different places in their lives.

"They decided she should move out to give them space to work on their issues but while Neil might have hoped it would have made them stronger, Luisa has told people she’s enjoying the taste of freedom.

"Over the past few weeks they’ve been on and off but it’s Neil who is the person who is trying to glue them back together. Luisa is more of a free spirit and has said she’s ready to live a single life.

"While he has to play by the rules because of his job on Strictly, she’s thrown caution to the wind and has broken government guidelines again."

A second friend added: "Neil hasn’t seen Luisa since they made the decision that it was best she moved out over a week ago. Things have been very on and off in recent weeks and Neil will be very embarrassed to see this behaviour from her.

"He is starting to put himself first and his friends are encouraging him and really hope this will be the final nail in the coffin."

In September, Colombian born Luisa was reported to the authorities by a scorned ex who claimed she was living in the UK illegally.

Luisa went on to insist she had a student visa but the news raised eyebrows, after pals said she struggled to read and write English.

Earlier this month Neil said his relationship with Luisa had been rocky but admitted he believed they could work through their issues.

He said: "We’ve sat down and talked and we’ve both been really honest with each other and I feel we’ve turned a corner. I can’t stand here and say everything is perfect even now.

"Luisa is a free spirit and loves life and it’s not easy to be in the public eye, but she accepts she has made mistakes that could also have an impact on my life."

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