Strictly Come Dancing pro isn't worried about getting axed for coronavirus

Strictly Come Dancing professional Dianne Buswell isn’t worried about possibly catching coronavirus while filming the new series because of the BBC’s stellar safety precautions.

Bosses of the beloved competition have confirmed that contestants and pros will be axed from the show if they test positive for the virus in order for it to continue safely.

HRVY, one of this year’s contestants, was diagnosed with Covid-19 last week just days before he was due to be matched with his partner.

Dianne isn’t irked by the potential threat of the virus though and speaking exclusively to as part of her #DoveSwitchItUp campaign (and before HRVY’s coronavirus), she said: ‘I actually have no worries.

‘I feel like we’ve got so much in place and we’re all just really wanting to do the show so we’re all really following guidelines and keeping ourselves and our partners and the people we’re working around safe and they’re doing just the same.

‘It’s all done so safely that I feel at ease doing the show. I’m just excited we do get to do it and making peoples Saturday nights a lot happier.’

The Strictly stars have formed social bubbles with one another, which allows them to put on the series safely.

Dianne isn’t dreading Strictly curse rumours linked to the bubble, and pointed out that she’ll be way too busy with the show to give pay hearsay any attention.

‘We’re not actually living with our partner or anything like that, it’s just that we’re forming a bubble with them,’ she said. ‘To be honest, it’s going to be like any other year.

‘When you’re on the show, you’re so dedicated to the show that even if I wasn’t in that bubble, I’d be going to rehearsals and coming home and just sleeping really.

‘I don’t really do much else because it really does consume your time and so to me, it’s not really that different. I think the media is always going to speculate and say things anyway.

‘You just bat an eyelid at it because you know you’re working well and doing your job.’

Dianne has teamed up with Dove for their new deodorant campaign #SwitchItUp, which is all about switching something up in your life; whether that be something as big as a career change or something as small as changing up your beauty routine in the morning.

A 2019 trial showed that 89% of women would be prepared to switch up their deodorant after using the Dove original deodorant for one week.

Speaking about joining the #SwitchItUpCampaign, Dianne said: ‘I think the campaign is super important because all the things I’ve switched up in my lifetime has had a positive impact. Not only the bigger things but the smaller things too.

‘I think it’s just important for people to know that by switching things up, it can have a positive impact on your life.’

Dianne Buswell is supporting the #DoveSwitchItUp campaign for Dove’s original anti-perspirant deodorant, available in all major retailers.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One later this year.

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